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Create a Year in Review Video

As 2015 is drawing to a close, take a few minutes to get creative and reflect on the year!

Celebrate personal and professional accomplishments with a year in review video! The automatic workflow in Premiere Clip makes it easier than ever to quickly pull together a video and photo story, set to the beat of your favorite anthem of 2015 or one of Premiere Clip’s royalty free soundtracks.

Learn how to create videos automatically.

It’s also fast & easy to create a montage of your holiday celebrations! Use the automatic workflow to quickly pull together your favorite clips synced to the beat of the music, then convert it to a freeform project where you can gain access to more features like custom video Looks, title cards, and a suite of tools to make your video look and sound great!

Once you have the video you like, share your holiday memories to Facebook and Twitter by using the Publish & Share export dialog. After the video is uploaded, you will have the option to share it to your social channels, or get it directly into the hands of friends & family via text or email.

Happy holidays from the Premiere Clip team!


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