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How’d you do that?! An interplanetary effect by @SOVIERRO

We were really impressed with Lance William’s video Interstellar Snow and its space travel effect, so we reached out to find out how he did it. Read up & watch the video below!


What inspired you to make ‘Interstellar Snow’?

Lance: A photographer once told me “work with what you’ve got,” and well… we have snow. I stopped at a store to grab a few things and when I came out it was a downpour of snow, like confetti on New Year’s. Looking over the parking lot I pulled out my phone and started filming. I was lucky to be in this snowglobe, and it wasn’t until viewing the footage that I felt inspired. At that point I just went with what I saw and kept pushing toward that feeling.

Watch 'Interstellar Snow' by Lance Williams (@SOVIERRO)

Watch ‘Interstellar Snow’ by Lance Williams (@SOVIERRO)

You created a beautiful, interplanetary travel effect in this video. How did you do that?!

I set a rule for myself that the entire video would be done on my phone, just to push the limits of portable technology. To start, I filmed it all in the slo-mo video mode at 120fps. This smooths any movements out and takes your video straight into surrealism.

I also filmed looking straight up, which throws off the viewer’s sense of space and accounts for the snowflakes falling on the lens, which was a nice surprise. Shooting through the melting snowflakes is what created that nebula effect. The next step was getting the exposure right. That was easy enough using the really bright lights to darken the sky and isolate the snow.

I then brought the footage into Premiere Clip and began looking for a song. For me, this step is crucial. The music really brings viewers in and if you get it right you can launch your video to the next level. I spent quite a long time trying different songs before I landed on Beck’s Golden Age. From there I edit mostly based on feeling; Typically editing on beats, but at random intervals depending on the shot and the flow of the music. I drop a clip in and play it with the music on. Then, when I feel it should change, I pause it and split the clip at the playhead.

After I worked my way through my favorite shots I tweaked the exposure of the clips and added the “Cinema” look. But, I wasn’t satisfied yet. I really wanted to show the contrast between the night sky and the snow and pull out a little more color. For this I used the Movie Looks app by Red Giant. I saved the video to my camera roll from Premiere Clip and imported it into the app. I found a look that added some more blue and crushed the shadows, processed and saved it, then imported it back into Premiere Clip to upload and share it.

It’s a lot of work to do on a phone, but I had 6 hours on cross country flight and a full battery.


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You can keep up with Lance & his creative work here:

Website: | Twitter: @SOVIERRO | Instagram: @thefunctionofform


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