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November 13, 2008 /Soundbooth /

Create Your Own Soundbooth Scores

The Soundbooth Score toolkit is now available to download from the Adobe Developer Connection.

The CS4 toolkit has simplified the Score creation workflow and includes a documented example Score for reference. Once the toolkit is installed, you can step through the sample Score called “Rock the Booth” in Soundbooth CS4 to learn how Scores are constructed.

To create your own Score you would compose the individual parts in a DAW like Audition. The Score toolkit will then walk you through the process of assembling these individual parts and building a Score package file (.sbst). Once the .sbst file has been created you can copy it into your Score directory (see Soundbooth preferences for location info) or simply drag and drop it onto your multitrack and then customize it to fit your project.

This is a quick overview of the process. The documentation posted on the Adobe Developer Connection covers this in more detail.