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Creating a Wipe Transition effect

 Last updated February 25, 2015


Our January 30th #FanFriday Spotlight was on videos that got creative with editing and transitions.

To help get your creative juices flowing, we asked Nakiesha Koss how she created the wipe transition effect in her video, January JUMP 2015 – watch it below!

Premiere Clip: Nakiesha, we love how you created a wipe transition in your Premiere Clip video. How did you do it? 

Nakiesha: The ‘transition’ in this video was actually an attempt to capture the path from warmth to water in hyperlapse mode. When I pulled all the beach footage into Premiere Clip, that moment was <1 second… so so fast! On replay, I liked how the little flash it made felt like a like a blink or a dream sequence. So I went on a duplicating spree, which ultimately turned the itty bitty hyperlapsed clip into transitions all the way through.

Check out the neat editing in this video by Nakiesha Koss

What have you done to create cool edits or transitions in your Premiere Clip videos? Tell us in the comments below!


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