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September 15, 2017 /

Creating time with connected workflows: Adobe partners at IBC 2017

As the demand for video content skyrockets, so does the need for content creation tools that can scale and adapt. The modern production environment needs to work like one machine, whether it is a one-person operation, or a multi-location enterprise. Within that production system the Adobe video tools provide the central creative pathway, and a technology platform that connects the workflow.

Every connecting point between the Adobe video apps and partner solutions is the result of collaboration: engineering, testing, and ongoing dialog as the toolsets evolve. Behind the sleek interface of apps Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Adobe Audition CC, there are hundreds of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), purpose-built to interact with partner technologies to provide optimal performance and smooth, connected workflows. Saving time in production allows our customers to create time in the stories they tell.

For broadcast, film, and web content creators, IBC is one of the highlights of the year, when 1,700 companies, including Adobe and more than one hundred Adobe partner companies, show off the latest innovations and enhancements in a rapidly evolving industry. In this post we want to share some of the highlights.

Digital Anarchy brings speech-to-text to Premiere Pro

Transcriptive from Digital Anarchy brings powerful speech-to-text tools into Adobe Premiere Pro. Via a new extension panel, editors can output text from spoken dialog. Text files can be applied as markers at user-defined intervals in the video clips, providing text-based search within the editing workflow. This aids editors working on documentaries or news content, for example, and expedites closed caption and subtitling. See Transcriptive with Adobe Premiere Pro at the Speechmatics booth 8.C23 at IBC

Sony XDCAM air

Hot on the heels of announcing their new Venice 6K cinema camera, Sony (13.A10) will show off their new XDCAM air at IBC 2017. XDCAM air is a cloud-based workflow for news production and includes a dedicated extension panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, enabling editors to instantly pull video shots from cloud storage into the local project. Production teams to prepare news video content in parallel with their camera teams, and deliver almost as soon as shooting is completed.

Arvato previews new EditMate PAM for Adobe video workflows

At IBC 2017, Arvato Systems (3.B38) will preview a new on-demand, SaaS edition of VPMS EditMate, production asset management (PAM) solution for Adobe Premiere Pro CC production workflows. EditMate presents projects and media as a single, searchable library, and assembles project templates, including recurring assets sequence parameters. EditMate offers an adaptive streaming engine that uses available bandwidth to deliver media to Adobe Premiere Pro for remote editing with final rendering happening back in the facility or wherever the original material is stored.

Dalet extends Xtend integration for Premiere Pro

Dalet (8.B77) is showcasing the latest version of the Dalet Xtend integration panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which connects editors to the Dalet Galaxy MAM & Orchestration platform. The combined solution facilitates cross-enterprise workflows for post-production teams, and allowing them to take advantage of the metadata-rich assets and new Premiere Pro features like multiple open projects and project locking, that simplify production in a shared environment. During IBC, Dalet is also hosting a Dalet Pulse social event with Adobe at the Escape Club in Amsterdam on Saturday evening Sept. 16

Imagine Communications introduces Versio Platform

The Versio Platform from Imagine Communications (4.A01) is a new cloud-native modular playout solution designed from the ground-up for modern content creation workflows. Since it is IP-based, it works equally well in both on-premise and geo-dispersed production environments platforms, including integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC for editorial and Adobe After Effects CC for graphics workflows.

Media Asset Management and workflow automation

Media assets have value if you can find them, track them, and archive for easy retrieval. Adobe partners offer a host of intelligent MAM solutions – and connect them right into the Adobe tools and workflows.

Etere (8.B89) will present their Media Enterprise Resource Planning toolset, including Adobe Premiere Pro integration, which provides a comprehensive approach to resource, asset, and production management for broadcasters and enterprises. The differentiator

MoovIT (at Sony 13.A10 and EditShare 7.C27) will demonstrate a 4K-hybrid workflow, including Adobe, EditShare Sony, and their HelmutFX “virtual coordinator” for post-production processes. The system allows users to access project presets and add clips into them, automatically capturing the new project in the EditShare MAM. HelmutFX also manages assignments, folder structures, formats, and final rendering – all via innovative integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC.

Primestream (7.D21)will demonstrate the new versions of FORK asset management and Xchange project-centric workflow tools, including an updated Adobe Premiere Pro CC extension panel.

Squarebox (7.J38) will demo the CatDV integration panels for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC bring the power of CatDV search, preview and collaboration directly into the Adobe video workflow. Users can search content and bring high res or proxy media into their projects, including markers and full metadata. A frame-accurate player with keyboard support makes it easy to review content in the

Graphics and I/O

The image is everything in digital media, and moving images even more so. That’s why the GPU, and I/O tools are so central to video production workflows.

AMD(7.H35) previewed their SSG technology with demos of Premiere Pro running 8K footage in real-time on Adobe Premiere Pro earlier this year. At IBC, AMD will take the stage at the IBC Future Reality Theater with The Promise of real world 4K and 8K video editing on Monday, Sept. 18 at 2:15pm.

AJA (7.F11) will present its Desktop Software v14 at IBC 2017, including new audio capabilities to the KONA, Io, and T-TAP cards and devices for capture, monitoring and output.

Bluefish444 (7.J07) brings new IP capture capabilities, providing greater infrastructure and workflow flexibility for precision 12-bit reference monitoring with the Adobe video tools.

NVIDIA graphics will be hard at work in the Adobe booth (7.G27) during the show, powering workflow demos for Adobe Premiere Pro CC Adobe After Effects CC, and more.

Storage and Workstations

More media means more storage and Adobe partners are working hard to deliver for all kinds of use-cases, from shared storage across large enterprises, cloud and hybrid storage solutions for distributed workflows, and reliable Thunderbolt desktop solutions for freelancers and indie filmmakers.

Dell EMC (7.H10) brings a whole lot of Adobe to IBC, including daily presentations by Adobe Master Trainer Abba Shapiro, and a guest appearance Fred Rolland from the Adobe video team. Dell EMC will showcase Isilon all-flash shared storage, ideal for enterprise production environments as well as the new Precision 7910 workstations and eye-popping 8K Ultrasharp displays. Dell EMC will also have the Dell Canvas, introduced earlier this year, which provides an interactive desktop surface with touch, pen, and Dial controls, purpose-built for creative work.

Panasas (8.C07) will show their ActiveStor storage with DirectFlow for MacOS and integration with axle media asset management and Adobe Premiere Pro CC – and a long list of other Adobe storage partners will be there showing off their wares, including DDN (7.D05), Facilis (7.B40), GBLabs (7.J15), Harmonic (1.B20), G-Tech (7.F39), Hitachi (7.G11), and Scale Logic (7.H39). Adobe’s Dave Helmly will be presenting the Adobe video workflow at Seagate/Lacie (7.J42) on Friday and Saturday at 2pm.

HP – VR packpacks and the all-new z8 workstation

HP (3.A17) has been innovating across the board with the recent launch of the new Z VR backpacks that make powerful computing portable – and even ergonomic – for immersive applications in business, retail, and training. IBC will also see the introduction of the all-new z8 workstation, with 56 cores and up to 3 TB memory offering incredible performance for 4K and higher video production work. See it for yourself with Adobe’s own Van Bedient demoing the new versions of the Adobe video tools daily at 2pm.

Color Management

X-Rite (12.G48), who offer a full range of color management products for photographers and filmmakers, will demonstrate ColorChecker Video, ColorChecker Passport Video and i1Display Pro color control solutions for Adobe Premiere Pro CC workflow at IBC2017.

See Adobe at IBC – or watch us online

These are just a few of the over 100 Adobe Partners at IBC 2017. From cameras to computers; from storage to the final story – and everything in between – the Adobe video tools are connected to a rich ecosystem of integrated technologies that together power the creative process.

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