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Creative Cloud: A (Continuing) Promise to Innovate


We’ve done it again (and again, and again, and again)… continued to fulfill our promise for ongoing innovation to Creative Cloud.

Read on to catch up on the latest and greatest Creative Cloud updates to services and apps that will help you get your creative on.

The new Creative Cloud Market, just released in July, is a royalty-free repository that gives paid Creative Cloud members* access to a curated collection of Behance-sourced vector graphics, icons, patterns, UI kits, and layered PSD files. Creative Cloud Market has been a huge hit because it gives members a jump-start on their designs. Find the Market under the Assets tab of the Creative Cloud desktop app.

And stay tuned: Creative Cloud Market is also coming to your browser, and Adobe’s mobile apps, starting with Adobe Sketch (read the update below).

Nothing’s evolving faster than 3D printing, and Adobe is in lockstep.

Just a few months after releasing Adobe Photoshop CC with 3D printing capability, we’re now providing expanded support for new 3D printers (MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation), and print services (check our current list of print service providers), and we’ve added a broader range of supported file formats including VRML, U3D, PLY, and IGES. Plus there’s now streamlined 3D painting and the ability to combine multiple jobs into a single print bed. So even if your 3D printer is slow, setting up your design will be quick.

Adobe Muse CC, the app that enables designers, who don’t want to learn code, to build and publish beautiful websites, continues to evolve and gather fans.

Adobe Muse now supports self-hosted web fonts, and the new Bullet Styles and Glyphs panels facilitate one-click addition of bulleted or numbered lists and special characters (such as © or ᵝ). We’ve also partnered with Google to include reCAPTCHA, a free service that uses text and number distortion to distinguish humans from bots. Now you can more easily create better-looking web pages and put the brakes on spam.

Finally, Adobe Sketch (now in version 1.1) keeps getting better.

The mobile drawing app, with the capability to express and connect with the broader creative community now includes free, in-app access to Creative Cloud Market so you can add high-quality assets to compositions on the go, and faster file syncing for easier sharing with Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. There’s also finer precision when drawing shapes with more finished, chamfered corners with
Adobe Slide or Touch Slide (a built-in feature for drawing straight lines and curves without hardware).

Keep an eye on this blog for our monthly roundup of the new additions to Creative Cloud.

And don’t forget, Adobe MAX is October 4–8. Register now for the Los Angeles event and you’ll be among the first to learn what’s coming next to Creative Cloud.


* With the exception of the Creative Cloud Photography and Photoshop Photography plans.

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  • By Shivanand Biradar - 1:20 AM on September 5, 2014  

    Is there a student version or learners version available for free, to learn how to use this product. I do not have business but I am really excited to understand how this product works and how smbs can use it.

    You could write me a mail to know if there is a free version for learning is available.


  • By Johan Malmsten - 8:27 PM on September 6, 2014  

    So… the development on the mobile-front is still strictly iOS based? So why not just call it iOS-apps if you aren’t going to adress the other half of the mobile market?

    I love the desktop apps. But it’s just strange to me that the whole android market has been ignored completely. I’ve actually given up on adobe’s maybe-support for non-apple mobile devices… I’m getting a Wacom Cintiq Companion just so I can use the adobe-products while on the go. It’s a pity. Since I probably could have used my Note 10.1 for a lot more professional work if there only were any software support.

    I will probably love the Cintiq Companion too. But it’s just bewildering to me that you guys keep calling these apps “mobile” apps when in actuality they are iOS-exclusives.