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October 21, 2014 /Uncategorized /

Creative Cloud for Desktop: The Smart Tool for New Creatives


Bring the goodness of Creative Cloud right to your desktop.

Creative Cloud for desktop is a lightweight, configurable app that lets you manage Creative Cloud apps, sync assets, receive notifications, and connect to powerful Cloud functionality and services—all from the comfort of your desktop.

Creative Cloud for desktop enables your Creative Profile. An effective way of managing your creative assets across apps and devices, Creative Profile connects you to everything you need for your creative work—files, pictures, colors, brushes, shapes, fonts, text styles, graphics, and any other creative assets you care about—and puts it all at your fingertips, by simply signing into Creative Cloud for desktop.

Let’s take a closer look at the feature-rich technologies and powerful Cloud services that Creative Cloud for desktop offers:


Creative Cloud for desktop makes it easy to discover, download, and install the newest Creative Cloud desktop apps to your computer. In addition to the latest versions, you can also find previous versions of apps, and receive notifications about updates as soon as they’re available.


Creative Cloud for desktop is also now a one-stop shop to launch apps, manage updates, and even uninstall older apps that you no longer need.

Assets, libraries, and more

Creative Cloud comes with online storage that lets you access your work from anywhere and share your work with others in any location. Creative Cloud for desktop connects your Creative Cloud online storage to your computer, keeping all your files in sync, across all your computers.


With Creative Cloud for desktop, you’ll never run into a “missing font” scenario. Use the Creative Cloud for desktop app to sync fonts from Typekit on your desktop; synced fonts continue to be available on your computer, as long as the Creative Cloud for desktop app is running. Use the synced fonts in your favorite Adobe apps, as well as any other apps installed on your computer.

Your creativity can reach greater heights with Creative Cloud Market, a collection of high-quality assets, created and curated by professionals like you. You can build on these assets, modify them, and use them without worrying about attribution, licensing, usage tracking, or royalty payments. Simply use the Creative Cloud for desktop app to browse through the assets, add to a Library, and download the assets to your computer.

During the Adobe MAX 2014 launch keynote, we announced availability of Creative Cloud Libraries which provide seamless access to your creative assets across Creative Cloud’s desktop tools and all-new connected mobile apps. Creative Cloud for desktop helps to keep your Creative Cloud Libraries in sync, so that any brushes, shapes, colors, graphics, or assets you save to a Library, are instantly available on your desktop from within Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.


How can a creative experience be complete without a community? Use the Creative Cloud for desktop app to dig in to the vast collective of creative talent on Behance. Remain inspired and keep ahead of the curve by following other creative people. You can browse through projects, share and seek feedback about your work, and take a closer look at a project that piques your interest all from within the Creative Cloud for desktop app.


Get started with Creative Cloud for desktop

Creative Cloud for desktop is your interface to Creative Cloud on the desktop!

Always stay up to date with what’s happening in your creative world by using notifications in Creative Cloud for desktop. If you don’t have it running already, download Creative Cloud for desktop now and get the most out of your Creative Cloud experience.

While Creative Cloud for desktop works behind the scenes to bring your Creative Cloud Profile to your computer, you can also use it actively to access Creative Cloud products and services. To learn more about what you can do with Creative Cloud for desktop, read through these resources:


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  • By Gemma W. - 3:26 PM on October 26, 2014  

    It’s broken. Win 8.1 and this is what it looks like (fresh install)

    I’ve wasted hours with two tech support reps trying to get this to work, unsuccessfully.

    When will there be a fix?

  • By David - 4:41 PM on October 27, 2014  

    Hi Gemma,

    Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Do you have a case number from working with support we could reference to see what we can do to help?

    – Dave

  • By Daniel - 3:38 AM on October 29, 2014  

    i just bought lightroom 5.6
    Now i need CC to install the aperture migration plug.
    (or there is another opportunity?)

    Problem: im not able to install Creative Cloud.
    always error “installer doesn’t work on hard drives with uppercase and lowercase support” ??!!

    iMAC 2013
    1 TB HD
    3,4 intel Core i7

    thank you for any advice


  • By David - 6:15 PM on October 29, 2014  

    Hi Daniel,

    I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by “installer doesn’t work on hard drives with uppercase and lowercase support” this sounds like you are referencing a case sensitive drive. If that is correct, you’re right you won’t be able to use it on a Mac with a drive formatted in that way. This is listed under the Lightroom system requirements.

    2 GB of available hard-disk space; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on removable flash storage devices).

    You would need to use it on on a different Mac or reformat the drive to where it wasn’t case sensitive in order to install.

    Sorry to be the one say 🙁
    – Dave