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November 24, 2015 /Apps & Services /

Creative of The Month: Claudio Guglieri

Creative Cloud Market is a collection of high quality, curated content for creatives by creatives. Our library includes patterns, mockups, brushes, wireframes and anything else you might need to jumpstart your next creative project. Each month, we highlight one of the talented artists whose work is available (for free!) in Creative Cloud Market.

Claudio Guglieri is a Product Designer and Creative Director whose work spans across multiple disciplines including advertising, web, mobile and interactive design. His career has transported him across the world, from his Spanish home town to London, New York and presently, San Francisco.


When he’s not designing award-winning campaigns for clients like Nickelodeon and Range Rover, Claudio is creating helpful and entertaining resources for his fellow creatives. Together with Tim Holman, he built Palettab, a Chrome extension for color and typeface discovery, Meet The Ipsums, a humorous compilation of Lorem Ipsum alternatives, and the Pattern Library, a catalog of professionally-designed, seamless patterns.ClaudioGuglieri_PatternLibrary-Oldconcepts
The Pattern Library features original work by Claudio and his former colleagues. The collection challenges the notion that patterns are simply background elements, and honors the idea of “putting lots of love to tiny details not everybody might notice.” True to this philosophy, each pattern has been meticulously created to be beautiful, perfectly aligned works of art.

“The most important thing when you’re making patterns is to make sure that no one can see the tiles,” Claudio explains. When creating a pattern, he works on a 3×3 grid to ensure that the finished work will be seamless. Starting from the center cell, he designs outwards until a repeatable element emerges and can be turned into pattern.


All of Claudio’s projects share a singular mission: to help designers get inspired. His beautifully hand-crafted patterns not only provide this inspiration, they serve as valuable assets to those short on time and resources.    


Visit Creative Cloud Market for more info on how to download Claudio’s seamless patterns for your next project. They’re free with your Creative Cloud subscription!

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