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Creative of The Month: Maeve Norton

Aviary is Adobe’s fun photo editing app that brings creativity to your fingertips. Our powerful yet easy-to-use tools and diverse collection of professionally-designed content including Effects, Stickers, Frames and Overlays provide everything you need to enhance your photos. This month, we highlight one of the talented artists whose work is available for download in Aviary.

Maeve Norton is an illustrator who specializes in delightful book covers and charming  illustrations. The recent Pratt graduate describes her work as “organic, fun and carefree,” and it’s this whimsical spirit that made Maeve a perfect fit for Aviary.


Since moving to New York in 2011 to pursue a degree in communications design, Maeve has fallen in love with her new city. When creating her sticker pack for Aviary, Maeve looked to her home turf for inspiration. “I wanted to capture the spirit of Brooklyn,” she explains, “and make stickers that my friends would want to use.”

The pack, aptly titled “Brooklyn,” includes bold graphics with neighborhood pride and cheery illustrations that encapsulate everyday moments in the borough, like piping hot coffee from the corner deli and winding fire escapes.


All of Maeve’s designs have the same humble beginning. “Everything starts in a sketchbook” she says, where she brainstorms and sketches out her ideas in pencil. Then comes the pen, swiftly and confidently capturing final lines. The inked drawings are then pulled into Adobe Photoshop as a flat design, where they’re given color and pops of texture.


Whether you’re a first time visitor or a long time resident, Maeve’s stickers add a lighthearted touch to any Brooklyn snapshot.


Download Aviary to use Maeve’s Brooklyn stickers in your next project. For more photo inspiration, follow us on Instagram!

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