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July 15, 2015 /Apps & Services /

Creative of The Month: Neubau

Creative Cloud Market is a collection of high quality, curated content for creatives by creatives. Our library includes patterns, mockups, brushes, wireframes and anything else you might need to jumpstart your next creative project. Each month, we highlight one of the talented artists whose work is available (for free!) in Creative Cloud Market.

Founded in 2001 by Austrian-born designer Stefan Gandl, Neubau has flourished as a renowned agency designing for print, screen and space, and as an elite resource for designers. Makers around the globe use Neubau’s growing collection of vectors and illustrations.

What is now an archive of more than 4,000 assets began as a humble project to serve the agency’s own needs. Many of Neubau’s early assignments involved creating custom vectors for clients. When they noticed a distinct lack of available references, Neubau began a library of their own.

Gandl believes that “the human element is unbeatably better than any machine” and true to this philosophy, “every Neubau illustration is done by hand and every anchor point is set manually to achieve the best ergonomic quality.” The agency published selections of their work in Neubau Welt (2005) and Neubau Modul (2007) and saw immediate success.

Their latest book, Neubau Forst Catalogue, contains nearly 700 tree assets and is the first publication of its kind. “For creating Forst Catalogue,” Gandl explains, “we had to develop specific techniques for selecting, cataloging, photographing and vector tracing
the trees.”

Over the course of 5 years, a team of 20 worked tirelessly to photograph these trees, noting the precise location and camera angles to return 6 months later and capture the same tree in a different season. The resulting photos were pieced together to create hi-res images, from which the team meticulously plotted anchor points by hand to bring each vector to life.

“Some of the trees had either been swallowed up by construction sites, or else had been eliminated entirely from the street scene,” Gandl says. One such sacrifice, B14, was a resident relic of the German capital since 1870 and a survivor of both World Wars. Though the original tree is long gone, its legacy lives on as digital art. It is Gandl’s hope that as downloadable vectors, these bygone trees “will have a new life in virtual form and be planted in every city in the world.”

In addition to being a valuable historical capsule, the Neubau Archive provides a much needed solution for designers. Thanks to their work, creators around the world now have an immense catalogue of high quality, readily-available vectors and illustrations at their fingertips, saving both time and resources. Gandl relishes in seeing Neubau’s work permeate the world: “It is always exciting when we discover our assets used in other creatives’ work.”

Visit Creative Cloud Market for more info about how to download and use some of the most sought-after assets from Neubau (free with your CC subscription).

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