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Creative Profile: Stacy Peck

Creative Profiles highlight Premiere Clip users and their inspiring videos.

Today we’re highlighting Stacy Peck from Cedar Falls, Iowa. Stacy is the drummer for Seattle bands Pony Time and CHILDBIRTH, and makes promo & music videos for her bands, as well as for other bands around Seattle. We’re inspired by her super punk DIY approach to creating video content.


Premiere Clip: Tell us a bit about you!

Stacy:  I enjoy playing in bands, coming up with ideas and watching TV. My hair always has a huge tangle in it that takes at least an hour to comb out. I’m a barista and work at a coffee shop with 3 other rad ladies in bands. I spend a substantial amount of time perfecting the voice of my yard gnome, “Jingle Bells”.


Song on repeat at the moment?

Run the Jewels by Run the Jewels


Desert island book?

The Greatest of Marlys by Lynda Barry


Favorite scene in a film/television show?

I really like the scene in the movie Trust by Hal Hartley where Martin Donovan’s character takes a guy’s cigarette out of his mouth, starts smoking it and then punches the guy in the face.


What inspires you?

Things my friends are doing. Different art or videos I stumble on.


What are you passionate about?

I really like the concept of anything being possible if you have a good idea. The idea is the most important thing to me. I believe in helping other people and being cool to each other. Art shouldn’t be a competition. I’m a strong believer of encouraging all people to become involved in art. By art I mean music, film, visual art, whatever.


What are your creative mediums of choice?

Music and Video are what I am most focused on currently.

“People think making videos has to be super expensive, have a lot of effects, or involve a lot of people, but really you can do a lot of stuff alone or with just a few people on your phone.” 


A production still from CHILDBIRTH’s “How Do Girls Even Do It?”, directed and edited by Peck.


What are your favorite types of content to create?

I really like making fake local news broadcasts with my friends using my iPhone.  It’s really great and is a good way to engage with people creatively. Music videos are fun but more work.


How do you see Premiere Clip fitting into your overall creative/personal/professional work?

I’m always making little videos on my phone for fun or to put up on a bands Facebook page or something. It’s a cool way to spice things up. This app was really easy to use and could come in super handy on tour or in the “waiting for the show to start” portion of the night.


Tell us about your video, 44 hours of Pony Time recording in 4 minutes. What inspired you to make it?

My band Pony Time is completing a new record right now and I think a lot of people envision being in a studio and making a record as super glamorous, but it’s mostly just sitting in the same spot, looking at a screen someone else is looking at. This is an inside peek into that boredom.

WATCH “44 Hours of Pony Time recording in 4 minutes”


What do you think is the most challenging/intimidating part of video creation?

I think people think making videos has to be super expensive, have a lot of effects, or involve a lot of people, but really you can do a lot of stuff alone or with just a few people on your phone.


What do you want to learn more about when it comes to video production? 

I’d like to become better at editing and learn more about different camera lenses and my camera in general.


What do you think is the easiest aspect of using Premiere Clip?

The editing was super fast and easy.


What is your favorite part of using Premiere Clip?

It didn’t take a long time to load the video.


What ideas do you have for your next project #MadeWithClip?

I would like to make a “Stacy Peck’s private tour of Capitol Hill” video. I’ve also been wanting to film my friend Jenn Ghetto doing a private concert for my cat in my bathroom.


You can keep up with Stacy here:

Pony Time: Facebook | Twitter // CHILDBIRTH: Facebook | Twitter 


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