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May 4, 2012 /Mobile /

Creative Spotlight: Chris Landau

There’s no denying how excited we get when our Adobe Touch Apps fans submit their work to either our Facebook or Twitter channels. Needless to say, when we saw the creations that Chris Landau shared with us, featuring one of his pieces as our new Adobe Touch Apps Twitter background was a no brainer!

We connected with Chris on Twitter and asked him about his day-to-day experiences with the Touch Apps and how they factor into his overall creative process. Find out what he had to say below. And, if you have some work you would like to share with us, definitely do so here, on Facebook or through Twitter. You may be next!


Creative Layer: How have the Adobe Touch Apps changed your creative workflow?
Chris Landau: The Touch Apps have changed my workflow in subtle ways. I can sketch, edit, and communicate in more places. Recently, I have started using Adobe Ideas in the workplace to visually work through visualizations with my team.

What was the very first creation you made with Touch Apps? 
My first Adobe Touch drawing was intuitively simple, colorful and vector-based. This really boggled my mind. I’m still coming to grips with the prospects of direct vector-based drawing.

Where’s your favorite location to create? Outside? Inside? On-the-go?
I hate to admit, but the Touch Apps allow you to work in more comfortable settings. I can tinker with an idea on the couch. There’s a little less pressure and I can let my mind wander.

How much of a difference has direct touch input made to your creations?
Drawing and thinking through color is so direct. Gone are the days of carrying around a box full of markers.

Of the different Touch Apps, which is most instrumental to your creative process and why?
While the other apps have been useful, Adobe Ideas is the game changer for me. It is such an unassuming app, but the more I use it, the more powerful it is.

If you had the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world with your Touch Apps, where would it be and why?
It would be the Kew Gardens in England. I would draw as many species as possible.

What are the top three sources you look to for inspiration?
Plants, biology, and people.