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June 4, 2012 /Mobile /

Creative Spotlight: Doug Wittnebel

Doug_Image-300x273Architect by day and artist by night, Doug Wittnebel incorporates the use of the Adobe Touch Apps in his daily routine, and we’re convinced the tablet never leaves his side. His dedication to creating has really inspired us, so we’re featuring his work as our new Adobe Touch Apps Twitter background.



We connected with Doug to ask him a few questions. Check out his responses in the full Q&A below, and as always, feel free to share your work with us on Twitter or Facebook and/or drop us a note in comments below.

Creative Layer: How have the Adobe Touch Apps changed your creative workflow?

Doug Wittnebel: The best app so far is Adobe Ideas. When I first tried it, I was entranced with the line quality, the simple transparency and the scalability. I used it for eleven months and then finally I was able to add the layers feature. Now with layers, the control of the drawing and painting is far easier and of course forgiving in many ways.


What was the very first creation you made with Touch Apps?

I have saved everything I have drawn since February 2011, and now that I check back, the first Adobe Ideas piece was a study for an immersive interactive lab column for an ad agency, followed by a simple landscape painting looking south from Candlestick Park. I have probably created a hundred pieces with Ideas, as an architect and as an artist.


Where’s your favorite location to create? Outside? Inside? On the go?

Everywhere, and lately on the airplane. Some recent long sojourns to India have allowed some deep dives into Adobe Ideas and Photoshop Touch.


How much of a difference has direct touch input made to your creations?

A great difference for at least two reasons: firstly, I love to take notes during lectures and talks, using the square format to allow for pages of notes and drawings to mix and meld and create unique new blends; and secondly, the technique of drawing is similar to how I drew when I was in my teens, using outline and color tone infills.


Of the different Touch Apps, which is most instrumental to your creative process and why?

Adobe Ideas is the best. I want to try Collage and others, and of course the old standbys of Photoshop and Illustrator.


If you had the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world with your Touch Apps, where would it be and why?

Probably cities in Eastern Europe or Turkey, places I have yet to visit and paint, places that I can add to my drawing (on) the world blog.


What are the top three sources you look to for inspiration?

“Thin” places, landscapes of all types, including urban, and relentless web dives.