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November 1, 2012 /Uncategorized /

Creative Spotlight: Imagine Dragons Album Cover Art by Louis Lander Deacon


Does the photograph above look familiar to you?  If you guessed that this was used as an album cover for the indie band, Imagine Dragons, you’d be spot on. While many may focus on the music from the Imagine Dragons’ Continued Silence EP album, we wanted to delve into the making of the album art and uncover who was behind the concept and design.

Meet the man responsible for this fascinating image, 19-year-old Louis Lander Deacon– a photography student whose photo has become synonymous with the Imagine Dragons’ brand. Check out more of this photographer’s work and our conversation with him about his creative process.

Adobe: How did you get into photography? How has it led you to where you are today?

Louis Lander Deacon: Well, I started photography back in November of 2007. I had a little Fuji Bridge camera, which was a great camera from what I remember. So I just started taking photographs down at the local skate park and it basically spiraled out of control from there. I then started a 365, and that pushed me beyond belief. I am now studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion – should be very interesting!


Inspiration: Is it easy to come by or is it a rare pearl? How do you find it?

I knew that I would get asked this question! Basically it comes from nowhere – it just happens.  It’s almost like I have a vision for a split second. I guess that sometimes I do plan images, but yet again I just have a brief second where it just happens and then I improve on the idea from there.

What’s the story on the band Imagine Dragons and your photo?

The story is pretty simple for that one. I received an email from the team over at Interscope Records. They asked me if my image was available and that they felt it fit the band’s aesthetics perfectly. So I worked with their team to sort something out, and now the image has been seen worldwide. For me, this is one of the biggest achievements of my photography career so far, and I hope to work with them again in the future!

One-¬Louis-Lander-Deacon-200x300Do you have a creative process when photographing?

My creative process is to just keep going when I am shooting. I like to have a plan in my head of a time scale for each outfit or image but sometimes it does not always go to plan, but that’s how you learn I guess.

Do you believe in creative blocks?  How do you push through them?

I have. I just fought my way through one, although I did not want to take photographs full stop! I pushed through it though and made myself take photographs of the most mundane things! That eventually led to me falling back in love with taking photographs. My advice would be to just take pictures of anything, go back to basics, and teach yourself something new!

What are your go-to products within the Adobe family? Why?

My go-to products are the entire Creative Suite applications and Lightroom. They are just so flawless and easy to use. I mean there is no other program on the market that can do what Creative Suite can do! It is just amazing.

Stage-Fright-¬Louis-Lander-Deacon-150x150Who are your creative role models?

Brooke Shaden is a massive role model for me – her work is beautiful. David Hilliard’s work is pretty inspirational as well.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new photographer starting out, what would it be?

My advice to anyone new to photography would be to start learning the most basic techniques, and the rest will come naturally.

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