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November 2, 2012 /Mobile /

Creative Spotlight: Isaiah Bela on Adobe Touch Apps

Depending on his mood and where inspiration may strike him, you might find Adobe Touch Apps user Isaiah Bela (@BelaTheBoy) creating in the bedroom, a park or in the back seat of a car. We connected with this Los Angeles-based creative after coming across his “Fluttershy” project, which he shared with the Adobe Ideas Facebook Fan Page. Impressed with his work, we reached out to find out more about his work and creative process.

Being the vector-art fanatic that he is, Isaiah discussed the simplicity of creating on-the-go with Adobe Ideas and further refining his work in Illustrator CS6 through the use of the Creative Cloud. Additionally, he provided us with useful tips for all Touch Apps users, from newbie to veteran, and much more! Check out the full Q&A below, the photo album of his creations we’ve included directly below and his work displayed on our Touch Apps Twitter and Facebook channels. You can also see more of his creations on Deviantart.

Adobe: How has the integration from Touch Apps through to the Creative Cloud features changed your creative workflow?
Isaiah: I do not own a laptop, so discovering the integration between Touch Apps and Creative Suite 6 programs through Creative Cloud was an amazing thing to me. If I am drawing on my computer and have to leave, I am able to quickly transfer files to the Creative Cloud, and use Touch Apps to work on-the-go. I can then throw it back onto my computer, finish it up – and boom, I have a complete digital drawing!

Which pairing of the Touch Apps and the applications within Creative Cloud (i.e., CS6), are most instrumental to your creative process and why?
For the most part, I find myself using Adobe Ideas along with Illustrator. The two programs work well together and editing Ideas drawings in another vector program is very simple! Additionally, I create line art in Adobe Flash and transfer to Adobe Ideas for coloring and other fun stuff! As you can tell, I really enjoy vector art.

What Adobe Touch App tool could you not live without and why?

Adobe Ideas was definitely a game-changer for me when I first bought it. I had toyed around with other drawing programs before, but I never found myself using them as often or them complementing my art style as much as Ideas. When I finally discovered Ideas, the first thing that caught my attention was that it was vector based, opposed to the other drawing apps which were pixel based. Upon drawing my first line, I realized that the lines smoothed out as well, similar to the brush in Flash/Illustrator. I don’t exactly have the steadiest hand, especially since I used my finger at first so I knew I was going to be best friends with this app. 

Which Adobe Touch Apps creation/project are you most proud of and why?

I’m definitely proud of the Fluttershy picture of her as a teenager in her prom dress. It’s not the most original picture, inspired by a MLP (My Little Pony) parody series by the talented Max Gilardi, but I was very pleased with the way it came out and many people seemed to enjoy it as well. It was also the first project where I used both Adobe Ideas and Illustrator!

What tips/suggestions do you have for creative individuals thinking about getting into Adobe Touch Apps?

If you plan on getting into Adobe Touch Apps, you shouldn’t be discouraged at first, as the apps seem to be made with everyone in mind. The apps are simple and user-friendly – Photoshop Touch even has tutorials! With apps like Adobe Ideas, you can just jump in and start creating right away. And I’ve never used the Adobe Proto app, but I’ve heard from web designers that’s it’s a good app to use as well. They have a little something for everyone!

For veteran users like yourself, what tips and/or techniques can you offer them to improve their creative workflow?

Make sure your projects are organized, and always work at times where there can be absolutely nothing to distract you! Make sure you’re in the mood as well, even I have problems with this sometimes, and I’ll end up getting side-tracked, start procrastinating, and end up taking longer to finish a simple project!

Have any closing statements?

Just want to say thanks to the folks at Adobe for making such apps and I can’t wait to see what other Touch Apps come out in the future! Thanks for reading. Now get to work!

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