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Creativity on Ground Level: Upcoming Events with Our Creative Residents

The creative process is kind of magical, it’s not always entirely clear what drives it. Even if you are the one doing creative work, there can be a nebulous quality to it that you find hard to pinpoint. If you’re looking in from the outside you may feel even more distanced from it. For this reason the Adobe Creative Residency is particularly exciting to us.

Through the program, we get the opportunity to take a closer look into the process and projects of our two residents, Kelli Anderson and Becky Simpson, for an entire year. They’ve been publishing articles online like Kelli’s recent reflection on her “Made with Rules” Instagram series, and Becky’s step by step on how she designed her Tattly tattoo. They are also getting out into the community for design events. Through each of these different projects, we learn not only about their process but what engages their creative minds. At the end hopefully we will all have learned something about the adventure, value, and impact of creativity.

To keep in touch with what the residents are doing, you can follow them online as well as catch them in person at an event. They will be in several cities across North America (and one in Europe) from now till the end of the year. Here’s where you’ll find them.

Becky’s events 

Austin, TX: Circles Conference, September 10pop-up-camera-insides[2].jpg
Brooklyn, NY: Exquisite Totes, September 24
Los Angeles: Adobe MAX, October 3–7
Palm Springs: Designer Vaca, October 7–9
Phoenix, AR: Method & Madness, October 16–1
Orlando, FL: Mama’s Sauce workshop, December 2

Kelli’s events

Austin, TX: Circles Conference, September 1
Biel-Bienne, Switzerland: AGI Open, September 21–23
Honolulu, HI: Design Week Honolulu, September 28 – Oct 3
Los Angeles: Adobe MAX, October 3–7
New Orleans, LA: AIGA Design Conference, October 8–10
Vancouver, BC: Wine After Coffee, October 16–17
Manhattan, NY: Fast Company, November 14
Austin, TX: Austin Initiative for Graphic Awesomeness, December 2

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