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April 12, 2012 /Video Editing /

CS6 Production Premium Reveal


Our team is at NAB 2012 this week, where they’re revealing Creative Suite 6 Production Premium –which will be included in the Adobe Creative Cloud membership. There will be first looks and hands-on demos of the suite taking place at the show.

For those of you not therecheck out the reveal and get a look at new features on our CS6 Production Premium Revealed page, and read below for a look at the highlights and more.

After Effects CS6

Top new features:

  • Global Performance Cache
  • 3D Camera Tracker
  • Ray-traced, extruded text and shapes
  • Conversion of Illustrator vector graphics to shape layers
  • Variable-width mask feather
  • New Cycore (CC) effects and upgrade of dozens of effects to 16-bpc and 32-bpc color depth
  • Pro Import After Effects functionality based on technology from Automatic Duck for importing projects from other applications, including Final Cut Pro and Avid software
  • Improved integration with Mocha-AE
  • New and greatly improved GPU acceleration features for previews and final-quality rendering
  • Rolling Shutter Repair effect

Our team covers more details on ‘What’s New and Changed in After Effects’ in their blog.


Audition CS6

Feature highlights:

  • Real-time and rendered clip stretching in multi-track – including new “varispeed” mode
  • Clip Grouping – Including suspend, trimming and stretching of groups
  • VST3 support (Mac and Win) and more effects
  • New pitch correction/manipulation tools
  • Automatic speech alignment tool
  • Red Book Audio CD burning
  • Hardware controllers support – Including native Avid EUCON and Mackie MCU support
  • Write/Touch/Latch automation modes
  • Media browser with file preview
  • Session Templates and Enhancements
  • Expanded file format support (Native, libsndfile, DLMS)

Get the complete list of what’s new on the Audition blog.


Premiere Pro CS6

Top new features:

  • Redesigned, efficient, customizable user interface
  • Dynamic trimming, including trimming with JKL and other keyboard shortcuts
  • Adjustment layers
  • Warp Stabilizer effect
  • Expanded multi-camera editing, with more multicam angles and improved interface
  • Improved performance, extending GPU processing to some systems using OpenCL
  • New and more powerful audio features, including adaptive audio tracks, customizable audio channel mapping for output, and improved Audio Mixer panel
  • New native import of ARRI Alexa, RED Scarlet, RED Epic, and Canon Cinema EOS C300 footage
  • Improved color features, including integration with SpeedGrade and redesigned Three-Way Color Corrector effect
  • Improved workflows with other applications in Adobe Creative Suite, as well as with Final Cut Pro and Avid software
  • Faster Adobe Media Encoder, redesigned to make authoring for multiple outputs and mobile devices easier
  • Enhanced Adobe Encore for creation of DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and web DVDs

Get the full details on what’s new and changed on the Premiere Pro team’s blog along with some added commentary from product manager Al Mooney.

Information on pricing and availability of CS6 is not yet available, but stay tuned here for updates.

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