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May 14, 2015 /Inspiration /

Customer Spotlight: Alexsandre Andrade’s Revved Up FIAT Campaign Website

Like many pros before him, Alexsander Andrade started young. He completed his first course in design and development at the age of eleven. By the age of 13, he’d managed to acquire paid gigs pushing pixels and bringing websites to life. These days he’s still doing just that, working as a freelance designer on a handful of international projects.

“I fell in love with creating after that first course,” said Andrade. “It happened naturally, and since then I have worked in digital and offline agencies, newspapers, marketing departments and design studios.”

Andrade is hooked on the challenge of creating something for the commercial market that is beautiful and not only sells a product, but an idea. Ideally, he prefers to take on research-driven projects so they can be designed to really speak to a target market.

“It’s amazing to me that while people consume creative work each day, they rarely have an idea how much thought and time was put in to get it on the market,” said Andrade.

We talked to Andrade about a project just like this. As part of the team at DSUP Design Studio in Brazil, Andrade designed and developed a campaign website for Maggi FIAT, a car dealership, with the help of Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

While Andrade had a lot of creative freedom on the project, he felt his biggest challenge was to show the client something different. At the time, he felt that agencies were trying to sell cars online by simply showing visitors features like ABS Brakes and Airbags.


“I wanted to show something more than just the typical specifications – I wanted to show the pleasure that this new car could provide a driver,” said Andrade. “The main idea of the campaign was to connect the consumer to the car model best suited to their lifestyle – the best car for travel, for commuting to work or going to a shopping mall.”

The market for selling cars is competitive and Andrade wanted to create a seamless experience for the user through clean and simple design.

“The main idea behind the design was to make the visitor feel a connection between their lifestyle and how the car fits within it,” said Andrade. “I chose to use hexagons as the figure to represent those connections.”

Different sections were created for different car models based on lifestyle activities, and Andrade implemented a call to action button that would direct the consumer to the closest FIAT store for each one. Another important element of the website was the fact that it was responsive.


“I choose to use Dreamweaver because it’s easy, practical, and intuitive,” said Andrade. “It allowed me to make the website, the main attraction of the campaign, responsive.”

Andrade leveraged his Creative Cloud subscription, also using Illustrator and Photoshop for design elements and layout.

You can view the FIAT campaign on Behance here.