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March 11, 2015 /

Customer Spotlight: Stephan van der Hoeven’s Captivating Portfolio

If given a superpower, Netherlands-based visual/web designer Stephan van der Hoeven said he would opt for mind control. This might explain why he chose a career in design given its ability to influence human perception.

Currently, van der Hoeven works full time at ProSpex, a company which develops creative campaigns for B2B lead-generation. He also does freelance work under his own company Medialign. While van der Hoeven primarily identifies as a visual/web designer, he is also known for dabbling in development. Proficient in Dreamweaver, van der Hoeven used the app to build his portfolio site.

When you visit Stephen van der Hoeven’s portfolio site, your attention is immediately consumed by a hypnotizing cloud of black smoke which draws your eye right to his name and job title in the center. This dark introduction then gives way to the bulk of his site with a subtle animation. Clean lines, stark white and soft greys allow the colors of the projects that he’s featured to ‘pop.’

“I deliberately designed it so that my projects will stand out and not the website itself,” said van der Hoeven. “The website is the stage and the projects are the artist.”


Highlighting a selection of his work from the last four years, van der Hoeven chose projects that show off his skills and progression in the field. For each project featured, he includes the client name and logo, background information, mock-ups, screenshots and UX flow charts. Organized in a way that’s streamlined and easy to navigate, this information informs visitors of the complete story behind his work.

“After years of hard work there are so many projects which could be exhibited,” said van der Hoeven. “I deliberately chose not to display 100 cases because I believe visitors will lose interest swiftly.”

Whether it’s paring down a resume or selecting projects to include a portfolio, many of us are familiar with the pain of choosing what should and shouldn’t be included. For passionate creatives, heart goes into all work. When it comes to the selection process, it’s all about finding a happy balance of keeping a user’s interest while showing off your skill set. This is really a never-ending process because as work goes on, your list of accomplishments grows. Luckily, most projects on the web never really finish, they evolve.

While van der Hoeven has a beautiful and functioning portfolio which serves his needs, there is still room for improvement.

“I am a perfectionist and I can be very hard on myself,” said van der Hoeven. “I am not completely satisfied with the website so far. It isn’t responsive yet, and I would like to see more interaction.”

In the hopes he inspires visitors, van der Hoeven plans to continue to develop his portfolio site and to add new projects worth highlighting as he completes them.

You can also find Stephen van der Hoeven on Behance.

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