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David Rojas Moreno

Touch-Apps-Background-3David Rojas Moreno caught our eye with the art work he submitted to our Adobe Touch Apps Twitter channel, creating his pieces with Adobe Ideas on his iPhone. We got in touch with the on-the-go artist to ask him some questions about creating on-the-go and his workflow. Check out what he had to say, along with his Adobe Ideas masterpiece, currently being featured as our Twitter background, below.


Creative Layer: How have the Adobe Touch Apps changed your creative workflow?

David Rojas Moreno: Since I discovered Adobe Touch Apps my creative workflow has changed a lot, especially the concept to transform my ideas to a digital space. Adobe Ideas, for me, is one of the most powerful programs to create and design anything that I have in my mind! Adobe Touch Apps help me to transform my thoughts into the digital space…

How much of a difference has direct touch input made to your creations?

I have more freedom to create whatever I want without limitations. I prefer the digital drawing because you have more control over what you want to create.

Of the different Touch Apps, which is most instrumental to your creative process and why?

For me, Adobe Ideas is the most useful application. Adobe Ideas is one of the most important apps that I have in my iPhone and iPad.

If you had the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world with your Touch Apps, where would it be and why?

I’d like to travel to New York or Chicago, because I love all of the movement of these great cities. I especially [enjoy] the diversity of cultures and interesting places to create, draw and design.

What are the top three sources you look to for inspiration?

Now, I’m finishing a multimedia design engineering [degree] and I enjoy everything that my career has to [offer]. This is one of the most important sources of my inspiration. Another source of inspiration is the diverse nature that my country, Ecuador, has. All landscapes and different kinds of animals and plant species are very important to my designs. Finally, the common things of life are very important [to my] creative process.

You can find David on Twitter at @davromo.

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