Adobe Creative Cloud

March 29, 2011 /

Deploying Adobe Creative Suite software (including After Effects) is much, much easier now

This is a post about After Effects. It just doesn’t look like one at first glance. Stick with me for a minute.

When we’ve visited customers who are still using earlier versions of After Effects, we’ve asked them why they haven’t upgraded to After Effects CS5, since it has so many new and great features and improvements.

A common answer surprised us: “It’s too hard to deploy Creative Suite software.”

I’m writing this to say that we acknowledge that this used to be true, but we’re pretty confident that the current experience is much, much better. The team responsible for the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) tools has been working hard to solicit feedback from IT folks and then act on that feedback to create an easier, more effective, more efficient way to deploy software to large numbers of users and maintain those deployments.

This video gives an overview of the new and improved deployment experience, and this post on the Adobe Installation and Licensing blog gives a pretty good idea of just how much better things have gotten. For more information on AAMEE and related tools, see more posts on the team’s blog.

So, if the only thing keeping you from upgrading to the newest and best version of After Effects (or any Creative Suite software) is your fear of the enterprise installation and maintenance systems, give us another look.