Adobe Creative Cloud

March 23, 2012 /

different job, same job

I’ve recently moved from the technical support group at Adobe to the product management team for our professional video and audio applications—the same group as Al Mooney, Steve Forde, and others who some of you might know.

So, what does this mean to you?

As many of you know, I’ve worked for several years to ensure that we get the best possible information about our professional video and audio applications to you, our customers; and I’ve also ceaselessly encouraged you to give us feedback in the form of feature requests and bug reports. Well, I’m going to keep doing that… even more. I’ll be blogging a bit more about information that you need to be successful and satisfied with Adobe video and audio software, and I’ll be even more active at soliciting feedback about how we can make the tools that you need.

Speaking of feedback, here are a few posts about how you can communicate with us and stay up to date about our professional video and audio applications: