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September 16, 2015 /Apps & Services /Mobile /

Discover New Creative Cloud Connected Apps, Powered by the Creative SDK

Mobile has added new, powerful dimensions to the creative process and, with mobile as a core part of the Creative Cloud offering, Adobe is committed to empowering its users to do their best work anywhere. With our suite of mobile capture and creation apps, you are no longer tethered to the desktop to capture your initial burst of creativity or inspiration. Now, to further extend the capabilities of the Creative Cloud ecosystem, we’ve opened up the Creative Cloud platform and built the Adobe Creative SDK (the same technology that’s used in our own mobile apps) to enable developers to build amazing new creative experiences of their own. Read on to discover some of the apps in the Creative Cloud ecosystem. We’re working with these companies to enable seamless creative workflows with our desktop products and give you access to the best creative tools as well as all of your Creative Cloud content, anywhere you go.


Bazaart simplifies the complexity of professional photo-editing by completely re-imagining the user experience on mobile. Their recent integration with the Creative SDK allows users to seamlessly switch between editing photos with the Bazaart app on mobile and Photoshop on the desktop, as well as to import Creative Cloud Assets and access Creative Cloud Market design resources. Bazaar
t users can now easily import a Photoshop PSD file from their Creative Cloud account, preserve the individual layers, continue editing it within the app and then export new Bazaart collages as Adobe Photoshop .PSD files. Check out this video to see exactly what you can do by using Bazaart and the Creative Cloud, and download Bazaart here.




Curator is a fantastic tool for collecting, organizing, and presenting your thoughts. Curator allows you to mix different types of content to fully capture and share your idea. Sinceso much ideation starts in Creative Cloud apps, you can now easily access your Creative Cloud assets right within Curator to quickly being visualizing your entire creative concept. Download Curator here.


AppCooker is an advanced mockup and prototyping tool on iPad that allows high-fidelity mockups to be created, manipulated, and shared with others. This is a great tool to build beautiful and professional iOS app prototypes for all iOS devices, including the Apple Watch. You now have direct access to your Creative Cloud content and to thousands of design assets from the Creative Cloud Market to use in your AppCooker designs. Download AppCooker here and start prototyping using your iPad.

Concepts is a professional level design app for the iPad. Concepts combines the precision of technical drawing with the elegance and style of artistic sketching. Use an infinite canvas, flexible, multi-touch shape guides, after-the-fact stroke adjustments, and powerful export options to bring all your ideas to life. You can import and export directly to and from your Adobe Creative Cloud account as well as import professionally designed content from the Creative Cloud Market. Once your designs are complete, you can export their layers directly to PSD for seamless use on the desktop. You can see how powerful Concepts is in this video, and download it on the App Store.

Marvel Prototyping

Marvel for iOS is a quick and easy way to turn sketches and images into interactive mobile and web prototypes, without needing to code. You can use paper to draw out your ideas and then use Marvel to take photos of your drawings or add mockups from the Creative Cloud. You can then add links and animations between screens to form your prototype. Marvel allows you to import several design types from the Creative Cloud right into Marvel, including PDFs, Photoshop, and Illustrator files. You can even select individual folders and layers. Download Marvel for iPhone and iPad here!

This is just a small sampling of the numerous apps currently using the Adobe Creative SDK to enhance their user experience and connect their users to the Creative Cloud. Follow us @CreativeSDK to get the latest news and updates on our partners and features.

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  • By Michael W. Perry - 5:30 PM on September 16, 2015  

    I love Adobe Comp. It’s perfect for laying out book covers. But I do have one constant frustration. Cover text has to be typed by hand. There’s no way to create a set of possible text snippets, review them, select the best, and then paste it into the appropriate frame without risking a typo. Contrast that with how easily graphics and stock photos can be stored, chosen and inserted.

    It’d be great to have a cloud-synched iOS app that would manage text snippets as smooth as graphics.

  • By Mr TonyWinston - 5:51 PM on September 16, 2015  

    Excellent commentary