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October 30, 2015 /Digital Imaging /Learn /

Draw Blood with a Photoshop Brush

In this post we’ll look at settings to make a brush for drawing on blood or a wound for your Halloween photos.

The settings here are a starting point and you may want to tweak them to suit your purpose.

The Image

For the base image I’ll head over to Adobe Stock. From the Photoshop menu choose File > Search Adobe Stock.

photoshop blood brush AS_1

I’m looking for a vampire’ish model so that’s what I’ll search for:

photoshop blood brush AS_2

There are some great results here but the one that I really like is this one, but it’s not quite what I was after.

photoshop blood brush AS_3

If I click the image I get more info, including ‘Find Similar’

photoshop blood brush AS_4

This one fits my needs perfectly:

photoshop blood brush AS_5

I’ll click it and then click License and Save to Stock.

photoshop blood brush AS_6

Stock is the name of the library for my stock images. I could change this from the drop down menu.

 photoshop blood brush AS_7

You’ll notice that the image is now marked that it’s been licensed by me.

photoshop blood brush AS_8

Extra note: If you’re not sure its the right image for you, click the Save Preview to Stock button. You’ll get a low-resolution watermarked version of the image – great for practice or to see if the image fits in your composite. 

photoshop blood brush AS_9 

Open The Image

From the Libraries panel find the library with the image in it:

photoshop blood brush AS_10

Double click the image and Photoshop will open it up:

The Blood


Select a color for the blood, somewhere around #710512 should work well

photoshop blood brush 01

Blend It

Choose the Brush Tool and in the contextual menu choose the Multiply Blending Mode

photoshop blood brush 02

Brush Dynamics

From the menu choose Brush or press F5 to open up the Brush Panel

photoshop blood brush 03

Then make the following changes:

photoshop blood brush 04

photoshop blood brush 05

Drawing with the Brush

Because of the Multiply Blending Mode when you paint with the brush it will get darker with every stroke. Painting from the bottom to the top of a drip or the inside to the outside of a wound should give you the desired effect.

photoshop blood brush 06

The trick here is to build up the effect slowly, changing blend modes to suite, I’ve chosen Overlay here, and copy layers to make them more visible.

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