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Dynamic Link in CS5: no longer a one-way street

One of the new features in the CS5 versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects is really more of a bug fix, and so it seems to have escaped notice. Let me fix that.

In Creative Suite 4, Dynamic Link was a one-way street. If you used Dynamic Link to send information from, say, After Effects to Adobe Premiere Pro, you couldn’t later use Dynamic Link to send information from Adobe Premiere Pro to After Effects. You had to restart the applications to reset the direction and use Dynamic Link going the other direction.

In Creative Suite 5, that limitation is gone. This is a huge improvement. But most people didn’t notice, because we didn’t trumpet this in our lists of new features. The only way that you would’ve known is if you noticed that the note in the CS4 documentation about the limitation had vanished from the CS5 documentation.

There are still some somewhat obvious limits related to the fact that you can’t have a circular, recursive reference (e.g., composition A links to sequence B, which also links to composition A). These limitations are described in “About Dynamic Link”.

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Oh, and while I have your attention: Be sure to update your software. Really. I spend most of every day helping people to get past problems with their software, and the great majority of problems are fixed by applying the available updates.

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