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editing efficiencies and user interface improvements in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 includes many small changes to the user interface and terminology that make common editing features easier to use and find.

See this video on the Video2Brain website for a demonstration of these new and changed features:

  • Added ways to create a new sequence matching the characteristics of a clip: File > New > Sequence From Clip menu command and New Sequence From Clip context-menu command (i.e., command available when Control-clicking or right-clicking).
  • Added Sequence > Match Frame menu command.
  • Added overlay in Program panel that enables dragging of clips from the Media Browser, Project panel, or Source panel into the Program panel to perform an insert or overwrite edit
  • The Unlink command now decouples the audio portion of a clip while automatically deselecting the video portion. The Unlink command now works on multiple clips at the same time, as well.
  • Added ability to add keyframes directly into the timeline using the Pen tool or Selection tool without having to first enable keyframing.
  • Added ability to set keyframes without a modifier key.
  • Added menu command Sequence > Trim Edit to open the Trim Monitor.
  • Renamed General tab of New Sequence dialog box to Settings.
  • Renamed Desktop editing mode in the New Sequence dialog box to Custom.
  • Changed Overlay to Overwrite.
  • Changed CTI to Playhead in some places.
  • Changed Razor Tracks to Add Edit and Razor All Tracks to Add Edit To All Tracks.

For details of all of the new and changed features in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, see this page.

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