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April 19, 2017 /After Effects /

Efficiency and Optimization at the Core of the Latest Release for After Effects CC

I’m pleased to announce the Spring 2017 update to After Effects CC is now available. This release has something for everyone, including a whole new way to collaborate with editors and the addition of some of our most-requested features from users.

To learn more about all the new features in our Spring 2017 video releases, check our Creative Cloud video and audio tools blog. You can download the latest updates of the Creative Cloud applications from our website. Update your current version of After Effects or download a trial if you are not currently a Creative Cloud member. Please note: The newly released versions of Adobe Creative Cloud applications will overwrite prior installations by default. No parallel installs are possible as this is a patch release.

Feature highlights

Essential Graphics panel

The Essential Graphics panel acts as a control panel for your composition. Drag and drop frequently-used properties into the panel for easy access without having to twirl into layer parameters or open precomps. When you share the composition as a Motion Graphics template, the controls you added to the Essential Graphics panel are accessible in Premiere Pro. When working with editors, this will speed up your workflow and prevent you from having to iterate on the same composition over and over again.

Collaborating with editors is easy. Output your composition as a Motion Graphics template and share it via Creative Cloud Libraries, or install it to Premiere Pro CC’s Essential Graphics panel for direct access. The same parameters you added in After Effects are accessible and editable in Premiere Pro, enabling you to retain stylistic control while enabling your colleagues to easily customize the text, color or layout of your graphics. For example, allow others to edit a composition’s text content and background image transparency, while ensuring the rest of the motion graphic remains unchanged.

This release of After Effects also includes a set of 25 beautiful, professionally-designed Motion Graphics templates to get you started in Premiere Pro. To see this in action, check out this Motion Graphics templates tutorial.

Lumetri Scopes

You’ve seen them in Premiere Pro. You’ve asked for them (loudly) in After Effects. We’ve listened and added a great new way for you to evaluate and accurately color correct your compositions and layers. Choose from vectorscope, histogram, parade, and waveform scopes, easily switch between preset configurations, or build your own custom set and display up to five scopes at once. When combined, Lumetri Scopes and the Lumetri Color effect give you a powerful color correction workflow.

Camera-Shake Deblur

Ever successfully stabilize a shaky shot, only to have to throw it away because of unwanted motion blurred artifacts? The new Camera-Shake Deblur effect rescues that previously unusable footage by automatically identifying sections of a clip containing motion blur, then using optical flow technology to blend the sharp frames on either side across the blurry region. When you combine this feature with the Warp Stabilizer VFX effect, you really will find yourself throwing away a lot less bad footage.

Simplified Effect Organization

Simplify complex compositions and reduce the need to precompose by including masks and effects when referencing a layer in another effect. Effects that use layers as inputs, such as Set Matte and Displacement Map, can now target the input layer’s masks and effects, instead of only the source of the layer. This means that in many cases you won’t need to precompose solely for the purpose of being referenced by an effect.

RTL and Indic text support

Work with right-to-left scripts, such as Hebrew and Arabic, as well as Indic text. Design graphics that can reach more of the world, without resorting to hacky workarounds.

Dynamic Link support in Team Projects (Beta)

Team Projects (beta) is a collaborative service for Creative Cloud Teams and Enterprise customers that lets video creators work together on shared sequences and compositions in real time smoothly and securely. Features like version control and conflict resolution are built right into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Prelude CC, so teams can easily work on projects simultaneously. We added the ability to save a Team Project back to an .aep earlier this year, and this release brings Dynamic Link support for cross-app collaboration. Work in After Effects, Premiere Pro, or Prelude, all in the same Team Project, and ensure everyone on your team is always up to date and able to access every step of the project at any time.

Additional GPU-accelerated effects

Work faster with GPU versions of some of our most-used effects, including Drop Shadow, Fractal Noise, Gradient Ramp, Levels, and Offset. The new Fast Box Blur effect offers the look and controls of Fast Blur, Box Blur and Gaussian Blur (Legacy), now on the GPU.

Other cool stuff:
  • Native support for high frame rate footage and compositions, up to 999fps
  • The Solids folder can now be organized and renamed like any other project item
  • Mask mode editing keyboard shortcuts and higher limits for Mask Expansion and Mask Feather
  • Character leading and Team Projects features are now scriptable
  • Colored markers:


Stay tuned to the Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Creative Cloud Video & Audio Facebook channels for live streams from the show floor. Watch replays, interviews, and overviews on our YouTube playlist.

On April 21st at 10amPT, Jason Levine will walk through the top features of this release LIVE on YouTube. Subscribe to the Creative Cloud YouTube channel to get a reminder for this event.  

Following NAB, Jason Levine will kick off a 6-week series on best practices for creating stellar video content. Join him every Friday at 9amPT on the Creative Cloud Facebook page to learn start-to-finish video workflows for beginners and anyone who wants to bring their skills to the next level. 

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    • By Victoria Nece - 11:44 AM on April 19, 2017  

      We’ll be posting more details about the scripting changes soon. We’ve also added a Recent Scripts menu for quick access.

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