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June 9, 2016 /UX/UI Design /

Experts Weigh In: Websites We Love Right Now, June Edition

You know that feeling, when you stumble on a website that blows you away; when a site is as beautiful as it is functional and you can’t help but feel the internet love. We sure do, and and we want more. So we decided to reach out to some experts in web and graphic design to tell us about their favorite sites right now. We’ll be doing it every month, but to kick things off, here are a few websites our experts love, right now.

Justine Pepe, Digital Designer at Ulta Beauty and Blogger


Justine Pepe

I’ve worked in the fashion industry as a web designer for the past 8 years. As a person who has had to design banners, home pages, etc for similar companies, I think Kate Spade’s execution is always flawless. I am admittedly a Kate Spade shopper,  but I think that’s because Kate Spade gives you a great user experience. Their site designs are always whimsical and playful, which at a moderately higher price point you don’t see too often. They don’t take themselves too seriously and I love that. They keep their site designs bright, fun, and quirky, exactly in line with their products. They stay true to their brand and their customer.


They have been known to incorporate video and gifs into their site banners, which I think creates a whole new experience, beyond shopping. In fact, they have a ‘mini series’ tied to their brand, which is an amazing tactic and takes their brand to a whole new level.  All around I think their designs create a personal connection with the user, which make the products feel attainable, the experience feel fun, and the consumer feel, well…maybe even a little weird (in a good way).

Aleksey Leybin, Freelance Art Director at Factor San Francisco



As designers we love websites with bold colors and graphics, while cringing every time those silly copywriters want to add more words. Who needs all of this copy anyways? Isn’t serif typography just a visual element?

But web design must serve many functions, it’s a brand extension that if needed must adapt to large amounts of copy. This fact creates a unique challenge.


That is why when I saw, I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to use this technique in my future work. It leverages heavily on traditional editorial design plus a sleek java animation that allows the user to scroll the copy with have multiple images fixed creates a truly exceptional experience. It uses a perfect blend of vibrant visuals, call outs, and font variations to reinforce its content. As a user I shocked to say I wanted to more copy, partly because I did not want this experience to end.

Shin Kang, Senior Experience Design Lead at Adobe


Shin Kang is not a new website, but it might be one of the coolest interactive experiences on the web right now. The web experience is super sticky and, surprisingly, I keep coming back to it.


A primary driver of stickiness is interactive content. The designer of this website clearly has a deep understanding of the subject matter and knows exactly how to effectively tell a story. When the right content is in the right container, and is delivered well, people get engaged.

Sanez Pezeshki, Owner/Designer at Avenue14


Sanez Pezeshki

Apple’s site has all the elements that an e-commerce website should have for optimal sales. After all, the point of an e-commerce store is to sell stuff right?

  1. Simple and clean design. There’s no guesswork as to where anything is. The main showcase products are rotating in the slideshow on the home page. It’s very intuitive and easy to use.
  1. Use of imagery. If you have an eCommerce store the better your images are, the better your conversions will be. Apple uses this conversion optimization principle to the fullest.
  1. If you click on anything above the fold, you will go somewhere else. Anything you click on will lead to something else. Look at how big the picture in the slider is, they make it impossible to miss. That click will not be wasted.

How many times have you gone to a cluttered website with too many pictures, too much text? You click something and it doesn’t go anywhere. You want to buy something but there’s only one picture of the item and it’s not a good picture either. All of these little things add up to a big difference in sales and conversions of an e-commerce store, and Apple covers it all.


Most designers will agree that it’s quite challenging to design a sticky website. If your website entices visitors to hang around longer than usual and then return, you’ve succeeded in designing a sticky website.

What websites are you loving right now? Let us know in the comments!

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