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expression changes in After Effects CS5.5

After Effects CS5.5 includes several changes related to expressions, including many expression changes related to source timecode.

Chris Meyer explains these new and changed features in this video on Adobe TV.

For a video demonstration of the expression changes related to source timecode, see this video on the Video2Brain website.

  • You can now use expressions to link together properties that aren’t represented with simple numbers or strings (sometimes referred to as “arbitrary data” or “custom data” properties). An example of such a property is the Curves property of the Curves effect. (See this video for a demonstration of this feature.)
  • Added 3D Point Control effect in Expression Controls category.
  • Added Layer Sub-objects method sourceTime(t = time), which returns the source time corresponding to time t.
  • Added ntscDropFrame method to Comp and Footage objects to return true if the item uses NTSC dropframe format for timecode.
  • Added optional ntscDropFrame argument to the timeToCurrentFormat method. Default: ntscDropFrame = thisComp.ntscDropFrame

For complete details of what’s new and changed in After Effects CS5.5, see this page.

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