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April 23, 2009 /Region of Interest /

Face replacement with mocha from David Torno

David Torno’s work on the Pistol Youth video for “In My Eyes” has gotten a lot of positive feedback. He used After Effects together with mocha-AE to replace the faces of the Golden Girls with the face of Bradley Hanan Carter of Pistol Youth. The result is as impressive as it is entertaining.

Now, David has done us all a huge service by posting two detailed videos in which he explains exactly how he did the tracking, compositing, and other post-production work for this piece:

Though it’s easy to focus on the motion tracking aspects of these video tutorials, I think that they’re just as valuable for the tidbits about rotoscoping, color correction, and time remapping—all of which are crucial for integrating one shot with another as David has done so well. He even shows how to degrade the high-definition footage of Bradley Hanan Carter so that it fits better with the, um, cruddy VHS footage of the Golden Girls.

Thanks, David!

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