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December 2, 2009 /Region of Interest /

FAQ list for After Effects

On the Adobe After Effects user-to-user forum, we have a list of frequently asked questions. These are the questions that I (and others) on the forum answer many times each week, so it’s convenient to just be able to point someone to an answer instead of typing the same answer time and time again. We intend for this to be a resource for others to use as they answer questions, too—either for themselves or for other folks on other forums and such.

Do you have any suggestions for additions to this list? Do you have any additions to make to the answers? If so, come on over to the forum and let me know in the thread on this topic.

FAQ: Why doesn’t After Effects see and use all of my RAM?

FAQ: Why does RAM preview only play part of my composition?

FAQ: Why are my vector graphics (e.g., from Illustrator) jagged or soft?

FAQ: Why is there no audio (sound) in my output file?

FAQ: How can I play or preview sound (audio)?

FAQ: Why does my layer (camera) move back and forth between keyframes of equal value?

FAQ: Why won’t After Effects import my PSD file as a composition but flattens it?

FAQ: Why doesn’t AVI appear as an export format in the Render Queue?

FAQ: Why do FLV files with transparency from After Effects look bad in Flash?

FAQ: Why isn’t the anchor point centered in shape layers?

FAQ: What’s the difference between Make Movie and Add To Render Queue?

FAQ: How do I quickly center a layer in the Composition panel?

FAQ: How do I create a new composition that matches my source file(s) dimensions, duration, frame rate and pixel aspect?

FAQ: Why does only a section of a motion path appear in the Composition panel?

FAQ: How do I make fire, fog, smoke, or explosions?

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