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August 26, 2009 /Region of Interest /

feature requests, bug reports, crash reports, and sending feedback

[This post gives instructions for how to send feedback about After Effects. Don’t send your feedback about After Effects by adding comments to this blog post.]

One of my favorite design blogs, GoMediaZine recently posted an article near and dear to me.

George reminds people that the best, most direct, most effective way to communicate with Adobe about bugs and feature requests is to use the official feature-request/bug-report form. In After Effects, you can open that form by choosing Help > Send Feedback in the application itself.

Posting on Twitter or forums may feel good, but don’t count on it helping you or helping the software improve. The After Effects team doesn’t necessarily see every post on every forum, but we do see every entry through the the official feature-request/bug-report form.

It also helps a lot if you opt into the Product Improvement Program.

Also, be sure to use the crash reporter and enter your email address and information about what you were doing with your crash reports.

We really do read all of the bug reports and feature requests, and the software really does get a lot of benefit from detailed crash reports.

Of course, forums are good for asking questions about how to use software like After Effects. I especially recommend the Adobe After Effects user-to-user forum. Several motion graphics and visual effects professionals help people on that forum. I monitor that forum, too, so I can help you to get an answer there. When asking such a question, please supply information about the version number of your software, some details about your computer, et cetera, as described here.

The number one best practice for posting a question on a forum is to be sure to do your own search first and check the FAQ list so that you’re not wasting people’s time asking a question that has been answered a hundred times before.

Don’t forget about contacting Adobe Technical Support or Customer Service, too. For information on how to contact Adobe Technical Support, see this page. (Note that you must register your product before you can open a technical support case for it.)

If you have tried to get help from our support staff, but the service was inadequate, I can help you to escalate your issue if you send me your case number at kopriva at adobe dot com. You must provide me a case number. I am not offering to solve your problem myself; rather, I am willing to forward your information to someone if you have already hit a dead end with our Technical Support or Customer Service.

If you have feedback about the content of the After Effects Help document, then please add a comment at the bottom of the relevant page. You can add comments to add information, to add links, to make corrections, or to ask for clarification.

If you want to keep up with the After Effects team, then you can follow our blogs, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and so on.

Oh, and I can’t resist this opportunity to remind you to update to the most recent version of the application. Don’t be surprised when the first thing that you hear back from us is that you need to install the latest updates. We fix a lot of things in updates, and we don’t want to go chasing bugs that we’ve already fixed. We’ll keep you posted on our blogs, Facebook page, and Twitter feed about updates as they become available.

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