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February 21, 2017 /UX/UI Design /

February Update of Adobe XD

From its inception, Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta) was intended to address the entirety of the designer’s ecosystem, as it flowed in iterative cycles through designing, prototyping, testing, and collaborating with stakeholders. Over the past eleven months, we’ve delivered consistent improvements on this ecosystem, from major features on our desktop applications to developing clients on mobile devices for live preview, all while liberally peppering in new functionality and bug fixes in direct response to your feedback.

This month, we’re bringing additional depth to our stakeholder experience with pinned comments in shared prototypes, a feature that allows stakeholders to link comments to a specific point on the artboard, while also introducing a whole host of new features in our Windows 10 app, bringing it closer to feature alignment with our popular Mac app.

We’re excited about this month’s release, and we hope you’ll love it, too!

What’s New in Adobe XD?

Target Your Comments with Pinned Comments

In the past couple of releases, Adobe XD enabled designers and their stakeholders to comment on each artboard. In the February release of Adobe XD, prototypes with comments enabled will be able to host pinned comments, which associates a comment with a location on the artboard. Anyone can add a pinned comment once they’ve signed in, either as a guest or a Creative Cloud user.

To add a pinned comment, type your text into the comment panel and select “Pin to Artboard.” Then, place the dot anywhere on the artboard. Your comment will then be assigned a number, which reflects on both in the comments panel and on the artboard. Just like any other comment, it can be deleted, replied to, or edited.

We’ll be making improvements to this workflow in the upcoming months, so stay tuned for more!

As I mentioned at the top of the post, we’re also making strides in bringing our Windows 10 application to alignment with the Mac application. Here are the major features we’re including in the February release of Adobe XD:

Share Your Prototypes

You can now share your prototypes to the web from Windows 10 to be viewed in browsers on desktop and mobile! This highly popular feature includes the ability to configure the upload settings (commenting, icon, and prototype name), upload to the Creative Cloud, and get both a URL and an embed code to share. By activating the commenting setting, Windows 10 users can leverage all of the work that we’ve done in our online ecosystem to enable basic comments, guest commenting, and pinned comments.

Dive into Designing with the Start Screen

You’ve have been asking for the Start Screen in Adobe XD for Windows 10, and we’re happy to deliver it this month! Like the Mac version, the Windows version gives you easy access to your most recently used files, an array of artboards to kick start your project, and links to both the UI kits and our in-app tutorial.

Mock Up More Realistic Experiences with Scrollable Artboards

You can now create scrollable artboards in Windows 10 by either dragging down the bottom of an artboard or by selecting the artboard and changing the scrolling properties in the Property Inspector. When you view your project in the in-app Preview or via the mobile client (by opening the project from Creative Cloud), you’ll see the content scroll within the viewport.

Create Visual Overlays and Backgrounds with Blur Effects

Background Blur and Object Blur are now both available on Windows 10 as well. These two features are critical for rapidly creating blurred backgrounds and visual overlays. Background blur changes any object into a blur mask that blurs anything behind it, while object blur blurs the contents of the selected object.

Share Production-Ready Assets by Exporting to SVG

In addition to PNG, you can now export assets and artboards as SVG, which allows developers to maintain fidelity by retaining the vector artwork. You can export with bitmap images either encoded within the SVG itself (“embed”) or referenced within the SVG (“linked”) and exported as a separate image. You can also choose to optimize your SVG, removing all extraneous spaces in order to make it as small as possible.

In addition to all of these features, we’ve focused on improving performance and stability on all of our platforms. We know we have to constantly work at keeping XD performant and zippy, and we put in a lot of effort to address concerns that come to us from our forums, through social media, and through Email.

What’s Next?

In the upcoming months, we’ll be continuing to focus on bringing Adobe XD for Windows closer to alignment with the Mac version, while still investing in the ecosystem as a whole.

For all you Mac users out there, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’re working on some productivity features that are taking a little longer to bake. In the meantime, check out this blog post with some of our top productivity tips and tricks!

We have a lot planned, and we’re looking forward to our next monthly release.

UX Community

Like I mentioned earlier, we love hearing from you, our customer! Stop by UserVoice to upvote your favorite features or leave your idea, visit our forums, or talk to us via Twitter or Facebook. And if you’re so inclined, share your prototype with the world and tag it with #MadeWithAdobeXD! Seeing your creations gives us an incredible amount of joy, fuels our passion for crafting a great product, and makes our work on the product so much more meaningful.

Also, follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to find out where the team is visiting for your opportunity to give in-person feedback. We’re visiting London and Berlin this week, and will be in other cities throughout the year. We hope to see you soon!

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  • By Shian - 9:39 PM on February 21, 2017  

    Why Adobe put cart before horse. We need scrolling areas with fixed elements for this tool to be usable in real work. No one care about commenting feature since the tool is missing much more important features.

    • By Bob - 3:19 AM on February 22, 2017  

      “Why Adobe put cart before horse.”

      Because they are making a tool for stockholders, not for designers.

    • By Mikkel - 11:08 AM on February 22, 2017  

      Agree!!! Im waiting for fixed areas to be able to use it for markeds test!!! When are they coming with it!

      • By Linda - 6:47 PM on February 22, 2017  

        Totally agree, there are so many more things we needed before this feature.

    • By Roger - 2:43 AM on February 23, 2017  

      Just want to add that I certainly do care about the commenting feature! It’s great to be able to send clients a link and discuss centrally. This is going to be a great product and I’d rather it was developed correctly rather than rushing. For a Beta it’s awesome imho.

      • By Fabio - 6:20 AM on March 17, 2017  

        Roger, no one is questioning the ability to comment (look at the popularity of Invision), the issue here is that there’s no point in having presentation features when you still don’t have basic CREATION features.

        When you show up this late to the party, you can’t afford losing time making friends!

        • By Fabio - 6:22 AM on March 17, 2017  

          The final sentence came out wrong. I meant, you show up late, you have to be quick making friends! No point having a slow Beta when your competitor has a mature product.

  • By Arnaud - 10:36 PM on February 21, 2017  

    XD windows version is unusable unless there is a layer manager like on MAC version. So adding some blur effects or a comment system doesn’t make it more usable.

    • By peter - 8:09 AM on February 22, 2017  

      same here…

    • By Peter Flynn (Adobe) - 11:36 AM on February 22, 2017  

      Don’t worry, we’re hard at work on the Windows version of the Layers panel!

      • By Shelby - 8:06 AM on March 14, 2017  

        Hi Peter!

        I’m glad to hear that you all are working on the Layers panel. Layer naming/organization is essential to our team of web designers so only those of us with Macs can use XD at this time. I’ve used the Mac version and am excited to be able to switch from Photoshop to this tool.


    • By Owen Modamwen - 6:16 AM on February 23, 2017  

      Every update without a layers panel makes me more and more annoyed with Adobe EXPERIENCE design.

      • By Tiago Correia - 6:26 PM on March 12, 2017  

        Me too, layers and mask are necessary

  • By Muhammad - 11:27 PM on February 21, 2017  

    Great work Adobe XD team, keep them coming, you guys are doing an amazing job.

  • By Cormac - 12:37 AM on February 22, 2017  

    Maybe it’s just my Win 10 PC but XD is extremely unstable on it. No other program crashes anywhere as frequently though. Hopefully this release improves it.

  • By Youri Luyten - 12:46 AM on February 22, 2017  

    We’re big fans of the application here at Lemon Companies, been using it from the start. Thanks for this Adobe. However we would love to have rulers & guidelines. Makes it much easier to develop the website using bootstrap.

    • By Be Orange - 3:29 AM on February 22, 2017  

      We don`t need rulers & guIdes. We have snap to grid, repeat grid and we have background with blur! Who need rulers and other old school stuff? Be cool – be an Adobe XD user!

    • By joe - 8:58 AM on February 22, 2017  

      Yeah. This should be a top priority. They’re really dragging their feet on implementing the most requested feature – proper grids and rulers. Disappointing.

    • By Dmytro - 3:38 PM on February 22, 2017  

      how rulers and guides are still missing is beyond me. feels like my workflow is broken without them. really bad decision Adobe.

      • By Henrik A - 5:00 AM on February 23, 2017  

        I would say that sticky elements and scrollable elements vertically/horizontally are far more necessary than guides and rulers. That you can use the grid and repeat-grid or. RIght now it is not possible to make a prototype with actual realistic scroll.

        • By Ltgseb - 9:14 PM on March 16, 2017  

          Couldn’t agree more with you on that. Scrollable containers (the real most requested feature) is MUCH more important than rulers and guides.

  • By Kishore Nagarigari - 4:20 AM on February 22, 2017  

    I have been using Adobe XD extensively and have completed 3 mobile projects. Its a great tool. I think scrolling areas with fixed elements is missing and there should be a way to copy paste in view port.

  • By Hugo - 4:22 AM on February 22, 2017  

    Way to go guys! Good job! This app is evolving so fast!
    I like the pin comments and SVG assets export, nice improvement!
    I would say next thing could be scrollable symbols or fixed symbols so we can have fixed navbars on our prototypes.
    I’ll be here waiting on news!
    Thanks so much for your good work! GO XD TEAM!

  • By Khalid Hasan Zibon - 4:39 AM on February 22, 2017  

    So… XD Windows is catching up! Can we please get some updates in Mac version too?

  • By Hayden - 4:56 AM on February 22, 2017  

    Where is XD for Windows? My Creative Cloud app doesn’t show it in the list, therefore I cannot install it. What’s the deal?

    • By peter - 8:08 AM on February 22, 2017  

      do you have win10?

    • By Henrik A - 4:56 AM on February 23, 2017  

      You need to update your WIn10 to the latest version, then it shows up. I had the same issue when they launched the Win-version of XD

  • By rami key - 7:42 AM on February 22, 2017  

    great progress for windows users

  • By Alex - 8:06 AM on February 22, 2017  

    When this update gonna be able for Windows? It’s just blog post abouth update but in Creative Cloud there are no update for XD.

  • By bianca - 9:15 AM on February 22, 2017  

    damn that stakeholder, is he a designer or what?

    • By Stephane Cruchon - 12:56 PM on March 12, 2017  

      Design is a common effort. Yes stakeholders are 100% part of the process.
      Giving them a simple tool to comments the mockups lead to better collaboration and eventually better apps!

  • By Linda - 6:59 PM on February 22, 2017  

    I love this program. I’m using it to design our new website but EXTREMELY disappointed that the last few updates were all PC focused! The only MAC updates have been trivial. You say “you haven’t forgotten about us” but you have!! We need sticky prototype elements and the CC styling is way overdue. And I seriously cannot understand how you cannot export photos in the design as a JPG, this is a web tool and exporting all assets as PNGs is not practical for image size.

  • By Anonymous - 3:16 AM on February 23, 2017  

    All right not windows 7 but why not 8. please release at least one version for windows 8. i know why adobe is not releasing xd for 7 but where is windows 8.

    • By Henrik A - 4:55 AM on February 23, 2017  

      XD relies on core features in the Win10 Latest update. So it will not be made for Windows 8 I guess. Why haven you not upgraded when it was free? Win10 works like a charm.

      • By Anonymous - 7:01 AM on February 23, 2017  

        Core features? but if they can make Photoshop & illustrator run on win 7 which is far more heavier than Xd and require more resources then why not Xd on win 8. being such a big company and limited to a particular Os is a shame.

        • By Austin - 2:45 PM on February 23, 2017  

          The reason why PS/Illustrator feels heavier and requires more resources is because it’s not using the latest API’s (and legacy code). At this point using Windows 8 is like using Windows XP, sticking around on a legacy OS serves no point, just upgrade. Many new applications are going to start using these new drawing API’s in Windows 10, this is just a start.

    • By Elaine Chao - 1:07 PM on March 3, 2017  

      Hey, guys – just to be clear, we’re focusing on Windows 10 because we’re looking to be the future of design tooling. UWP is a big departure from the previous versions of Windows, which were all interoperable (Win32). We want to take advantage of some of the UWP features and the hardware it runs on. For more details, you can check out this blog post, which details our vision for Windows 10.

  • By Owen Modamwen - 6:18 AM on February 23, 2017  

    I just want a layers panel : (

  • By Roland - 12:05 AM on February 24, 2017  

    When will XD (Windows) support animations beyond transitions between artboards? Right now it’s a slide editor, but Powerpoint can do more than XD in terms of interactivity, making me wonder what XD is really good for…

    • By Elaine Chao - 1:03 PM on March 3, 2017  

      Definitely take a look in UserVoice for various ideas about interactivity. We’re looking at what our prototyping features will be like in the future, and I think you’ll be pleased. Unfortunately, all of those features take time… so stay tuned!

  • By Bijutoha - 9:02 PM on February 24, 2017  

    Love this tool, I just want to get it as soon as possible!

  • By Joachim Barrum - 6:56 AM on February 26, 2017  

    yes all I want is a layers panel too 🙁 it could be as featureless as the first release, as long as I’m able to export my stuff with proper naming and have an overview of what is inside the project. As long as Layers are not in, its just a prototype/testing tool and I have to keep using Illustrator and Photoshop only.

  • By Vladislav - 7:03 AM on February 26, 2017  

    The problem of maintaining files on windows going to solve?
    Files weigh 0 bytes and can not be opened(

  • By Emanuele Sabetta - 1:44 AM on February 27, 2017  

    Sketch is still the best for designing applications, but Adobe XD has the best UI usability of all apps I ever used in my life (and I’m 40), period. Such care in the usability design will give us a boost in productivity one day, but for now there are too many features missing to be able to replace Sketch yet. Sketch UI is unusable, but it has many features and an open plugin system to integrate additional features developed by the community. This community is growing, and some of the plugins are starting to emulate AdobeXD features. It will be very hard to compete with Sketch if they are going to keep the development at the current rate. Adobe should immediatly hire more programmers to work on AdobeXD, or they are going to be too late to the party and waste this excellent project. This could become the photoshop of app design if done in time.

  • By Nitin Jain - 1:29 AM on March 1, 2017  

    Please add gradient and pathfinder tool in windows version it is very necessary to do work with these elements so please add these two feature in march update it is my humble request.

  • By Mark - 8:00 AM on March 2, 2017  

    When will we get password protected sharable mockups?

  • By Luiz - 3:19 PM on March 2, 2017  

    Mac version is okay. but Windows version without Layer Panel is useless.

  • By Stephane Cruchon - 12:49 PM on March 12, 2017  

    The February update is awesome. Thanks Adobe team 🙂
    + 1 for scrolling areas

    I would also love an overlay feature as per on Invision, super useful to prototype modals or alerts. I guess this could go way further using layers and animations.

    Viewing prototype on iPhone is still a bit buggy (flickering) I guess this will be fixed by the end of beta.
    Also I would LOVE the possibility to add to homescreen and launch the App seamlessly without this annoying top panel reminding us the name of the Proto.

    When I do user testing my goal is to get my testers actually believe they are using a real app. Anything that can bring this feeling should be the way to go.

  • By Roland Kalusa - 8:14 AM on March 15, 2017  

    This is outrageous! Here you are, wasting precious time on the Windows version, while the most important feature is still missing: Touchbar support for Mac! Focus!! 😀

    (JK, used XD for the first time today, very cool so far, love the repeat grid. Also +1 for scrolling areas!)

  • By Chetra - 4:05 AM on March 22, 2017  

    How about Layer it seem so long on wait? 😀