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January 12, 2010 /Region of Interest /

Final Cut Pro 7 using corrected pixel aspect ratios as in After Effects CS4

I just installed Final Cut Pro 7, and I was pleased to find when I did some tests that it’s using the same pixel aspect ratio values for older standard-definition formats (like NTSC DV) as we’re using in After Effects CS4 and other Adobe Creative Suite 4 applications.

As some of you know quite well, we corrected the pixel aspect ratios (PARs) for some older standard-definition formats. This change caused some confusion and consternation, and we tried to explain the issue and ease the transition for people. But one of the questions that we got was about why other software makers hadn’t made the same corrections. Well, it appears that some have.

I’m not a frequent user of Final Cut Pro, myself, so I’d appreciate it if others who have more experience with this application can tell us how this change is affecting their work as they use Final Cut Pro 7 and After Effects together.

Thanks to Thomas for alerting me to this change.

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