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Finding Creativity in Mistakes

Mistakes-2Contrary to what we’ve been taught, it is actually OK to make mistakes. In fact, in creative professions, mistakes often lead to terrific breakthroughs.

When we stumble, we encounter new experiences that we may otherwise never have found. In a recent article from The 99 Percent, John Caddell – curator of The Mistake Bank – stated that “mistakes can take us to the margins, to the unknown, the unexplored.” When unexplored territories are found, creative professionals can create work that they had never previously considered – and at times these roads play out brilliantly!

So let’s hear from you! When has a mistake helped to propel your creative work to new levels?

And if you need more convincing that creative (and really all individuals should embrace their mistakes), watch Kathryn Schulz’s terrific TED Talk, ‘On Being Wrong.’

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