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World Class Fine Art Photography Magazine NEOPRIME Launches With Help From Adobe InDesign’s Publish Online

Launching a fine art photography print magazine isn’t for the faint of heart. But two Creative Cloud members have done just that – with the right design tools and a dose of “eye, heart and soul.”

When photographers and Adobe Creative Cloud members Marius Vieth and Martin Dietrich started their NEOPRIME label in 2014, they had two goals: to sell signed, limited edition prints of their work and to start a magazine.

Using InDesign and other tools available through their Creative Cloud membership, they launched the NEOPRIME Contemporary Fine Art Photography magazine to showcase the work of photographers from around the globe.

“We believe that if you love photography, you put eye, heart and soul into it and, then, you create beautiful things,” explains Marius. “The magazine gives amazing art photographers the bigger stage they deserve and shows the world what beautiful fine art photography can be.”

Martin handles the layout for the magazine using Adobe InDesign. After seeing the Publish Online feature mentioned in a product update, he used it to simplify document sharing throughout the review process.

Adobe InDesign’s Publish Online feature was originally envisioned as a way to simplify collaboration. Martin and Marius used it to manage the magazine’s workflow – and also expanded it into their promotional efforts. With Publish Online’s one-click solution they were able to instantaneously publish to the cloud—no web development needed. And this has skyrocketed NEOPRIME’s marketing outreach.


“Each time I would make a change to the layout or update, I’d use Publish Online to share new versions with Marius, who was traveling,” says Martin. The feature was also useful for collaborating with contributing photographers around the world.

“We are so very excited by our success with NEOPRIME. The Adobe tools fuel our creativity in production, editing, collaboration and marketing,” says Marius.

NEOPRIME’s signature blend of minimalism and “eye, heart, and soul” is hitting home. The 250 copy run of Issue One sold out in just ten days, to fans as far away as Cambodia and Brazil.

Martin and Marius are active on Behance, initially using it to help recruit photographers for the magazine. And today they’re using Behance to share and promote NEOPRIME Contemporary Fine Art Photography. Adobe Creative Cloud members have access to the Behance artistic community as part of their subscription.

For their second issue, now in production, they’ve created a submission process that receives thousands of photos through channels ranging from Instagram and Facebook to mail. As they wrap production on Issue Two, InDesign and Publish Online stand out as a critical part of their design and promotion toolkit.

Marius and Martin used their Creative Cloud membership to design, launch and promote their magazine. The ability to seamlessly publish to the cloud, share documents with global contributors and promote the magazine helped make their vision a reality.  To learn more about using Publish Online in your own work, see this in-depth tutorial.


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    Thank you very much for the awesome feature! We wish everyone a great weekend!

  • By Michael W. Perry - 4:33 PM on January 23, 2016  

    At present those doing the publishing must point readers to a long and complex web address. Some sort of scheme to allow the public to find what’s posted would come in handy. Think Youtube but for InDesign documents.

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