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First Federal Savings Bank, Designing for The Future

A small, fast-growing bank builds an in-house creative group to create exceptional content with Adobe Creative Cloud for teams.

FirstFed_1 Century-old First Federal Savings Bank’s mission is to be the best bank in the seven-county Idaho region it serves by achieving excellence in everything it does. As a small, growing financial institution, outsourcing content production seemed like the natural choice. But the bank soon saw an opportunity to gain more control and boost efficiency by moving creative and design activities in house.

Producing content in house

Today, a small staff handles everything from designing brochures and billboards to producing radio and TV ads—with Adobe Creative Cloud for teams. “We knew that to build a successful in-house creative team, the creative software we used would have to keep pace with our growth,” says Cornelius Brackett, media specialist for First Federal Savings Bank.

FirstFed_2 Brackett, who previously worked in purchasing at the bank, but had a background in design and technology, created some ATM ads that resonated with customers. Soon, the bank was asking him to edit brochures and create newspaper ads. Brackett eventually found himself spending 20 hours a week creating marketing materials including a local television commercial. “Adobe is the standard for creative tools, so I knew it was a no-brainer to move to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams to meet our creative needs,” Bracket says. “Our print houses and video producer had already switched to Adobe Creative Cloud, and it was important to be compatible with our vendors to avoid potential workflow issues.”

Making the case for cloud

Currently, the team supports design needs for eleven branches, but soon, the bank expects to expand to other locations, and to enhance its marketing through online channels too. “We plan to do more online marketing, including an imminent website redesign,” says Brackett. Adobe Creative Cloud for teams will provide the flexibility to grow while managing costs predictably. “We can package the applications for different team members, so that we’re not wasting any Creative Cloud licenses.”

FirstFed_3The team uses Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC to produce some videos such as television spots, and Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, and Adobe Photoshop CC to create print materials. Brackett is also experimenting with Creative Cloud mobile apps, including Adobe Photoshop Mix and Adobe Color CC, which he used to grab palettes from a unique color scheme in a new bank building to create materials that visually fit into targeted environments.

With interoperability between all of the apps in Creative Cloud continuing to streamline workflows, Brackett can work non-destructively, modifying background imagery or other elements up to the last minute. “The workflows among the Creative Cloud applications constantly become more integrated,” says Brackett. “This makes both learning and working with the applications more efficient. It just makes my job easier.”

Expanding horizons

By bringing design in house and moving to the cloud, the bank is conserving funds previously spent on outside vendors. Adding to the cost benefits, access to a wide array of creative software is spurring new ideas and opportunities. “We’re already creating a variety of content, and we see endless possibilities to do even more,” says Brackett. “Adobe Creative Cloud for teams really fosters productivity and creativity. I love nothing more than downloading a new piece of software and playing with it to get the creative juices flowing. It’s fun for me personally, and it helps us cultivate fresh ideas that genuinely benefit the bank.”

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