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August 20, 2013 /Animation /

Flash Professional CC Update 1 – now available!

Hello everyone,

Firstly, a BIG thank you for providing feedback and reporting bugs. Your inputs have gone a long way in helping us investigate and fix these bugs. We are happy to announce that Flash Pro CC Update 1 (13.0.1) is now live! The update contains fixes for the following bugs:

  • The first curve, drawn using a Wacom tablet, is straightened out.
  • Flash Pro CC freezes when closing the application, intermittently.
  • Flash Pro CC crashes on setting some specific fonts in code editor preferences.
  • Flash Pro CC crashes on exporting images and SWF files on Mac 10.6.

For more information and full list of bugs fixes, see the release notes.


Suhas Yogin


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  • By 0l4f - 8:10 AM on August 20, 2013  

    Thanks for the update!

    On a side note: the animation on the bottom right of this page should have been
    done in Flash, then it wouldn’t have had that HTML5 whole pixel choppiness 😉

    • By Suhas - 10:30 PM on August 20, 2013  


      The animation was indeed done using Flash, but we happened to generate an HTML output taking advantage of the CreateJS libraries fully integrated with Flash Pro.

      Suhas Yogin

  • By Jarek - 10:56 AM on August 20, 2013  

    Great! Wacom tablet works just fine now, tx for that.
    There is one or two more serious bugs though, namely:
    – motion editor somehow is gone..
    – bone tool gone
    Its gotta be a mistake.. I mean, such a great features now dropped?
    Nah, impossible.. Not Flash, not Adobe. Flash is among others for animation, right?
    So please, correct this mistake. Or please at least make cs6 downgrade available for CC users.

    I truly regred upgading to flash cc… I would never expect such a shame which you guys dare to call ‘update. I would NEVER expect to have main tools dropped within an UPGRADE!

    Well, we learn by mistakes. I learned to read ‘what’s new’ (or actually ‘whats gone’) every time before clicking upgrade button. Please Adobe, learn by mistakes as well.

    With regards,

    • By Suhas - 10:29 PM on August 20, 2013  

      Hi Jarek,

      Happy to know that fix works for you!

      We are looking at alternatives, and a better approach to bring-back the functionalities and capabilities of Motion Editor.

      Suhas Yogin

      • By Jarek - 6:31 AM on August 21, 2013  

        Hi Suhas,

        That’s great news! Really looking forward to it.

        I hope that bone tool (or an alternative) would be back as well. It was a great feature and really helped with animation.
        With these back Flash CC would be a true step forward 🙂 Thanks in advance and I take your word for it 🙂


  • By Pier Bover - 6:40 PM on August 22, 2013  

    Great, but on the release note there are no mention on the bugs with embeded fonts. Or other problems with fonts and Adobe air.

    See this

    And this

  • By dan - 11:12 AM on August 25, 2013  

    HI – I am finding It is really annoy to not be able to pin code. I have to keep clicking back on the code when I am looking for a movieclip name or just move something on the stage. I will have to go back to cs6 or code outside of flash. You have a new actions navigation, but it is not the same thing as pinning code. It will pull you out of where you are when you click the code. I also miss the IK tool. I don’t miss the motion editor – it has always been a mess.

  • By Matt - 11:28 AM on August 26, 2013  

    I wish support for Android icons was included. App cannot get featured in the Play Store without all the right icons. Missing xhdpi and xxhdpi icons in Flash pro projects for over a year is a good reason to not use Flash. A billion devices run Android, where are your priorities? The option of command line AIR compiler is not an option as it is still missing xxhdpi. App icon – the most important icon, such a frustrating shame.

    Oh and the update didn’t work. Flash no longer starts stating to please uninstall and reinstall the product. error 1. Not to happy right now.

    • By Suhas - 11:57 PM on August 26, 2013  

      Hi Matt,

      We are putting in efforts to add support for Android and iOS icons, and please watch this space for the update.

      I understand that you had issues installing the update. Could you please download and install the update from this link?

      Do let us know if you have further issues.

      Suhas Yogin

  • By Richard Le Poidevin - 9:29 AM on September 2, 2013  

    How can you remove the motion editor? It was critical to making animations?
    Good job this isn’t the Photoshop team or you’d be removing sharpen or layers and then say you’re going to add an alternative.
    By all means add a new way, but don’t remove the old one until it’s ready.

    • By ajaykumarshukla - 9:30 PM on December 11, 2014  

      Now that a redesigned Motion Editor is back, we’d like to hear your feedback.