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September 7, 2015 /General /

Flash Professional CC at Adobe MAX 2015, October 3-7, Los Angeles


Adobe Flash Professional CC 2015 comes packed with all new creative features and support for new platforms that will allow you to create content for virtually any platform, device or use case.  Come join us at Adobe MAX 2015 to learn about all these features and more.

We have an amazing set of talks and hands-on labs at Adobe MAX this year.  Join animation studios like Nickelodeon and Titmouse animation as they talk about how Adobe Flash Professional CC 2015 has improved their workflows and helped improve creativity.  Join AOL to learn how to leverage your existing skillset and continue to use your favorite tool now to create HTML5 Canvas ads.  Learn how to create SVG animations using Flash Professional CC.  Finally, join us in a couple of hands-on labs to learn all the new creative features added to the tool.

Following is a quick look at what’s on offer –


Animating Nickelodeon’s riDUCKulously awesome series Breadwinners with Flash CC

David Gerhard, Animation Director Nickelodeon

Monday, Oct 5, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Animating with Fresh Styles: Techniques for TV with Flash Professional CC

Mike Roush, Lead Animator, Titmouse Animation

Monday, Oct 5, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

The Future Is Now: HTML5 Advertising with Flash Professional CC

Cory Hudson, Sr. Creative Director, AOL

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM

What’s New in Flash Professional CC, the Animation Tool of the Future

Ajay Shukla, Sr. Product Manager, Flash CC, Adobe

Wednesday, Oct 7, 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

Giving Flash Professional Another Look

Joseph Labrecque, Senior Interactive Designer, University of Denver

Monday, Oct 5, 5:15 PM – 6:30 PM

Animating SVG with Flash Professional CC

CJ Gammon, Adobe

Wednesday, Oct 7, 12:45 PM – 2:00 PM


Unleashing the Creative Power of Flash Professional CC

Joseph Labrecque, Senior Interactive Designer, University of Denver

Tuesday, Oct 6, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Wednesday, Oct 7, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Flash Professional CC: The Future of Animation Is Here!

Dharmendra Kumar/ Manoj Tharwani, Adobe

Wednesday, Oct 7, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


Look forward to see you at Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference, Oct 3-7, Los Angeles

Ajay Shukla, Sr. Product Manager, Flash Professional CC


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  • By Filippo Gregoretti - 3:50 AM on September 7, 2015  

    It’s nice to see this. But nothing, nothing, nothing on the amazing multi-platform capabilities of Flash+AIR? Are you sure what people are looking for is just an html animation tool?

    • By david h - 8:34 AM on September 7, 2015  

      Agree Flippo. I’d like to see more on Flash/AIR, Starling/Feathers, etc.

    • By Ajay Shukla - 8:50 PM on September 7, 2015  

      Hi Filippo,

      We are adding a ton of creative tools that could be used by all the supported platforms.


  • By Greg - 8:30 AM on September 8, 2015  

    Nothing against AIR/AS or interactive authoring, but animators using Flash for TV and broadcast media have felt abandoned or marginalized by Adobe for over a decade. Kudos to whoever put the Gerhard and Roush sessions at the top of the list. I would eat my hat over this acknowledgement of our industry, but sadly, my hat disintegrated while waiting for this moment.

    • By Ajay Shukla - 10:05 PM on September 8, 2015  

      Well, I guess there is always a new beginning. Hope you will try out the new release and let us know what you think.


      Ps. I will buy you a new hat. 🙂

  • By Dinesh - 3:33 AM on September 10, 2015  

    What do Adobe want? Adobe destroyed Flash. Now Adobe want?

  • By hadi - 7:11 AM on September 10, 2015  

    hi, flash is not animation tool, it is interactive tool and adobe is dealing with it since steph jobs blocked the player as animation tool let us know is going to be a vector interactive tool there is a pathway to continue as an interactive tool.
    the power of flash as I see and most of the users is the ability to draw, design, animate and combine all of that with a scripting language to build interactive result
    the question is why adobe over look that the power of flash is the ability to develop what you see if that ability does not exist so stop developing flash there are tons of tools that can animate svg and …..

    • By Ajay Shukla - 7:34 AM on September 10, 2015  

      Hi Hadi,

      Flash Professional is an animation tool for creating interactive and non-interactive animations. We intend to make it a tool for creating any type of animation, on any platform/library and on any device.


  • By Ryan - 9:16 AM on September 10, 2015  

    Maybe its just me but when talking to so many many many people about Flash CC… time and time again the fact that Adobe isn’t promoting AIR/Starling/Feathers gets mentioned and it really get’s me wondering. It’s like the entire Adobe/Flash community WANTS to hear more about AIR/Starling/Feathers as they are loving/enjoying developing with it but Adobe keeps going “Nah”

    • By hadi - 6:17 AM on September 11, 2015  

      agree with you Ryan, only hearing about new animation features , what about other features?????

  • By Gio Nadirashvili - 10:08 AM on September 12, 2015  

    Totally agree with other guys here. I understand what adobe is trying to do with flash but, you’re doing it in a totally wrong way! Only custom platform that somewhat works is the createjs plugin even though custom plugin support was announced 2 years ago! You should really work a lot more towards making adobe air, starling, feathers solutions more powerful. I also recommend working with haxe guys to directly integrate awesome haxe features in flash pro cc and at last bring a decent code editor to the ide.

  • By Keith Morrison - 8:46 AM on September 17, 2015  

    I don’t normally comment, but I agree too much with the above. I use AIR/Starling for corporate interactive ( not games ) way more than animating. While it’s easy to animate, I do most of my animation with the Greensock Tweening library.
    I agree with the above comments that your focus is not what many of your current professional Flash users are looking for. It seems your trying to be the Flash of yesteryear, you should know the basic life fact is that you can never go back! I would prefer a fix to NetStream Class that doesn’t blink the video when it loops over all these new ‘HTML web animation’ tools.
    I’m not sure how many forums full of these same comments you need to read to get this.