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December 6, 2016 /Teams /Video /

Four Tips To Take Your Video Marketing to the Next Level

Video content is a larger part of the marketing landscape than ever before. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 62 percent of marketers find videos to be effective in reaching customers. Aberdeen reports that companies using video in their marketing activities grow revenues 49 percent faster year over year than those that don’t. It’s easy to see why — Cisco has found that 70 percent of online traffic is from consumers watching videos, and that number is expected to rise. Yet, the average business doesn’t have big video budgets or the ability to hire a production team for every project.

Here are four tips to create videos your audiences will love with resources, budget, and talent you can afford:

Invest in the Right Equipment and Lighting.

High quality videos have three components: a good camera for recording, a quality microphone, and great lighting. Today, many designers are using video that’s shot on their smartphone or tablet, which is great. You don’t necessarily need to work with high-end, expensive equipment to get the footage you need. Instead, spend time thinking about the basics of shooting great video, and use that expertise to make the equipment you have work for you. Is the lighting right, or can you make small adjustments to improve the end result? Does your composition support the story you want to tell? Is your sound quality clear enough?

Capture Inspiration On the Go.

Mobile devices do more than allow you to film on the move. They also let you capture inspiration on the go and incorporate that into videos later. With mobile apps like Adobe Capture CC you can use the “looks” feature to capture light and color from the things around you, and then use the looks later to imbue a certain look and feel into your videos. Whether it’s the vivid colors of a fashion show or the bright lights of a busy city meeting spot, your customers will enjoy more creative approaches to your video content.

Experiment with Different Styles.

Today’s business video content runs the gamut from informal Q&As with experts to behind-the-scenes stories of company culture and product development. As a storyteller and video expert, it’s essential to experiment with different styles to find what resonates with your audience and best positions your brand. Creating brief segments that can be tested with customers and viewers is a great way to get started without investing too much time.

Improve Quality with Editing.

Marketing videos rarely are used in their raw state because you can dramatically improve the quality by employing basic editing skills. With video editing software, it’s possible to make colors more vibrant and select key shots you want to highlight. Whether you simply add transitions, your logo, and music for a more professional product, or you want to weave together different types of media to create a video asset, post-production is where the magic happens. You can improve the quality of your videos with editing and by experimenting with different workflows to achieve the results you desire.

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