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December 11, 2010 /Region of Interest /

free sample video tutorials from After Effects CS5 Learn By Video

The fine folks at Peachpit Press and Video2Brain have just posted some sample videos from the 14+ hours of video training in After Effects CS5: Learn By Video. This DVD and book provide an introduction to After Effects that is designed to bring you from the beginner level to the intermediate level, as well as to warn and educate you about all of the common pitfalls and gotchas in After Effects.

Here’s a list of the free sample videos that have been posted, with links to pages in After Effects Help and related documents for more details on each subject.

(Note: The size of the image in these free sample movies is much smaller than that of the full version on the DVD, so the text in some UI items in the free sample videos is sometimes hard to read. Also, the free sample videos don’t include the source files that are included with the DVD, so you’ll need to use your own assets to follow along.)

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