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November 12, 2012 /

Generating production reports from your scripts & schedules

One of the things that sets Adobe Story Plus apart from other pre-production tools is the way it integrates writing, scheduling, and reporting. If you’re primarily a writer, this may not be a huge deal to you. But if you’re one of the crew of people responsible for turning a script into an actual production—a director, AD, script supervisor, producer or one of a dozen other titles, depending on where you work—chances are you’re starting to sit up and take notice right about now.

In our last blog post, we introduced some of the features around scheduling in Story. But we din’t really delve into one of the key advantages, which is that if your script changes (and really, when doesn’t it change at the last minute?), you can simply refresh your schedule. That’s cool.

What’s even cooler is the fact that between the script (or block of scripts) and the schedule (which of course can be for a single script or a block of related episodes being shot together), you can automatically generate a whole bunch of reports. Really useful reports, like shooting order scripts, camera cards, call sheets, and so on. With Story, the process is easy. And keeping the reports up to date is equally simple: if the script changes, just refresh the report.

Here’s a short video that introduces some of the basics. There’s a lot to cover, though, so we’ll likely dive deeper into some of the reports in more detail in later posts.

As a reminder, Story Plus is available as part of every full Adobe Creative Cloud membership (which you can subscribe to for a limited time for just $29.99USD/month and get access to ALL of Adobe’s creative tools), or you can subscribe to Adobe Story Plus (for $180USD/year or $24.99USD/month). If you’re using Story Free (which has all of the core tools you need to write scripts and screenplays), you can create three schedules—which should be enough to whet your appetite. You can always sign into Adobe Story (or create a new free account if you don’t already have one) by navigating to