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February 13, 2012 /Graphic Design /

Geometry Meets Design

Geo-2-150x150Whether you’re a math whiz or not, there’s no denying that geometry has always played a large role in design. Shapes relate to one another and provide context among the rest of the design, and they can help to illustrate moods and emotions that enable the artist to convey certain messages.

To celebrate the role of geometry in design, we’ve highlighted a few pieces that play with the ideas of shape and space. Tell us in the comments – what do you love most about geometry’s relationship with design?

ROKE1984 by Wete & Paul Molas


REFINED Exhibition by Cassie Stegman and Refined Student Show


Stripes & Geometry by Afonso Arraiano


Samarra Hills by Afonso Arraiano


Nature by Lena Smirnova


Geometric Feelings by Mat Piranda


Alder Cone by Pekka Koivikko


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