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August 25, 2016 /

Get Bootstrap v3.3.7 in Dreamweaver CC 2015

We’re back with another In-App Update, with the latest one adding support for Bootstrap 3.3.7. Dreamweaver continues to be the go-to tool to create responsive sites using Bootstrap, and we’re happy to support the latest version.

How to Install an In-App Update:

The best part about In-App Updates is that they are delivered to you automatically!

  1. If you’re connected to the internet while running Dreamweaver, you should see the following notification. Click Update to begin downloading.


  1.  After the update downloads, relaunch Dreamweaver.


  1.  The following message is displayed to confirm the update was successful.


After the update, you will see that:

  • The CSS and JavaScript file versions when you create Bootstrap documents
  • Bootstrap components that you insert
  • Bootstrap starter templates

For more information, see:

If you’re not seeing the update notification…

  • Check back in a day (or two) and relaunch before you check for the update notification.
  • Confirm that you have Dreamweaver open and are connected to the internet.
  • If you’re still running into issues seeing/running the update, do let us know.

For In-App Updates, you can…

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  • By Ted - 12:32 PM on August 26, 2016  

    With an existing site project, are the bootstrap files supposed to be automatically updated to 3.3.7 or do we need to copy them into the project from the AppDataRoamingAdobeDreamweaver CC 2015en_US… directory? I found the 3.3.7 files in the AppData directory structure, but my project still has 3.3.6.

  • By napishu - 5:06 PM on September 12, 2016  

    Where is Foundation framework?