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Get to Know Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition


This sure has been an exciting Adobe MAX 2011 for designers! During Monday’s keynote, our Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), Single Edition was announced by our CTO Kevin Lynch. This new edition is truly a game changer as it’s an affordable solution, which means everyone gets the opportunity to publish. Freelance designers, designers at small businesses and smaller design firms can now affordably publish a single branded publication to the iTunes App Store. DPS, Single Edition enables you to publish content including brochures, highly-visual books, annual reports, or a personal design portfolio.

Recently, Creative Suite Evangelist Rufus Deuchler (@rufusd) shared his thoughts on DPS, Single Edition:


“As a worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems, I travel the world to showcase and explain Adobe solutions to Creative Suite users and I get to meet hundreds of designers in person…The question I then heard most frequently, was ‘I am a freelance designer and I just want to publish a few folios for my customers, is there a solution for that?’ or ‘I work for a school and we just need to create one catalogue each year.’


Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition answers these very questions: you can now create your folio and pay a one-time fee (through the Adobe Store) and have your Folio transformed into an App that can then be distributed over at the Apple App Store.”


Where it all began…


Let’s take a trip back to last year’s Adobe MAX 2010. I’ll never forget how inspirational it was to see Martha Stewart walk onto the stage to demonstrate Martha Stewart Living’s debut digital publication. Then, I started noticing the many DPS Facebook Page comments from designers saying, “What about us?” By listening to your feedback, we put an emphasis on creating an easy way for designers to get in the digital publishing game – so it’s exciting for our team to deliver this solution. Here’s what one of our users had to say:


“Publishing has been democratized by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Small publishers now have the power to go digital and push others to create good content. This is a situation where everyone will benefit.”

–       Philip Andrews, owner, Dark Glass Media. Andrews has created six apps: DI Magazine, DIY Portrait Retouching , DID SkinSoft, DID ProSharp, DID Tint & Tone, and DID Photoshop Touch


Getting started with DPS, Single Edition


The DPS, Single Edition service will be available soon. If you have InDesign CS4 or earlier, then it would be a great time to upgrade to InDesign CS5.5 as DPS, Single Edition integrates only with CS5 and CS5.5.


Also, now is a great time to get your InDesign files ready, and start adding engaging interactivity – like audio, video, slideshows, 360 degree views, etc. And, did you know that once you have InDesign CS5 or CS5.5, you can immediately start sharing an unlimited number of folios with colleagues and other stakeholders via the dashboard in InDesign? Get more information on the digital publishing workflow in this ‘Overview of digital publishing workflow’ reference guide. This is a great way to try out DPS!