Adobe Creative Cloud

Getting Started with Creative Cloud


By now, you know about the key offerings within Creative Cloud – all of Creative Suite 6 Master Collection, Business Catalyst sites, TypeKit, and more. The next thing we wanted to do is share more about the ins and outs of Creative Cloud, including how everything works together to create the seamless creative experience you need and want.

So, we’ve broken down the basics of getting started with Creative Cloud from installing desktop applications to file management…and well, pretty much everything in between. 

After you take a peek at the videos, if you still have any burning questions, please leave us a comment below, check out our Creative Cloud Forum or give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook.

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See how easy it is to download and install the Adobe Application Manager and all of the desktop applications that come with Creative Cloud membership.


Learn how easy it is to create file folders and then upload files into through either the file browser or by simply dragging and dropping from the desktop.


Get a basic overview of how you create new folders, move files into folders, and delete files within Creative Cloud.


See the unique way that Creative Cloud handles the creative files you upload–you’ll get detailed file information, an auto-generated color palette and tools for easily sharing with others.


Learn how to share creative files with others. Creative Cloud gives you tools to make your file public and email an auto generated URL to your audience who can then comment on and/or download the file.