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Got the Blues

Colors affect our behaviors, our lives and our brains. They interact with our emotions, our perceptions, our body and spirit. When choosing colors for a brand, a color that will represent a business, and support a message it is essential to be aware of the color’s characteristics and meanings. Understanding the power a color holds helps better communicate and connect with the audience and customers.

Let’s talk about the color blue. Blue is the echo of life, travel and discoveries. It enhances self-expression and the ability to communicate our needs and wants.

Like water quenches thirst, blue has a refreshing and pure note, which allows people to find inner peace, linked to deeper reflections.

If too present, blue can quickly become overwhelming. It is recommended to cut the dark blue with lighter shades like white or beige, whereas turquoise and clear blue blend perfectly with brown shades.

Take a deep breath and let’s dive into the blue!

Lolostock / Adobe Stock

Remains / Adobe Stock

Nito / Adobe Stock

Dreamnikon / Adobe Stock

Sebastian Kaulitzki / Adobe Stock

Eugenio Marongiu / Adobe Stock

Porbital / Adobe Stock

Solisimages / Adobe Stock

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