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Sounds Good! Getting great audio in Premiere Clip (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2: Project-level audio controls

You can find Part 1: Clip-level Audio Controls here.

Audio is an important part of visual storytelling, and sound can really make or break a video. Clip has a lot of cool controls that let you alter audio on clip-by-clip basis, as well as across your entire project. Here are some tips and ideas about how to make sure that your audio is supporting your video, instead of stealing the show! 

The features in this post will be applied project-wide.  Tap the Music Note icon for Soundtrack controls, including Auto Mix, and the Magic Wand icon to hack our Crossfade video option.


What the duck?

When you add a soundtrack, audio ducking is automatically enabled with the Auto Mix slider. This will make the soundtrack audio play more quietly (or “duck”) when there is detectable sound playing in the video.

When the audio of your video clip is more quiet, Auto Mix will make the soundtrack louder, but if someone starts talking or there’s a louder sound in your video clip, Auto Mix will make the soundtrack quieter. Auto Mix is like having an audio engineer balance the sound for you, all automatically!


So Faded

You can hack our video and audio fade options to create a global audio crossfade. Here’s how:

The Crossfade option (under the Magic Wand icon) will slightly overlap your clips at their transition points, creating a video crossfade. The Crossfade option fades the video only and affects the entire project.



The Audio Fade In and Fade Out sliders affect the sound on each clip individually.



To get a global crossfade, use the video Crossfade in conjunction with the Fade In and Fade Out sliders on each clip to create really smooth audio transitions.

WATCH these two short videos to hear the difference. In the second video, both Crossfade and Audio Fade In/Out on each clip are enabled. The sonic transitions between clips are much smoother.

This video has ONLY the video Crossfade enabled. Listen closely: even though the videos fade, the audio transitions are noticeable.

This version uses BOTH the video Crossfade for the whole project as well as Audio Fade In/Fade Out sliders on each individual clip.

Can you hear the difference?


Final Touches

Watch your video through to make sure you’re happy with the result across all your clips, and play with the audio sliders on individual clips (Speaker icon) as well as project-wide (Music Note icon) to get the sound to, well, sound just right! And don’t forget about your soundtrack!


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