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Growing a Creative Economy: One year later – Apps, stores and more

Launched less than a year ago as an early beta at MAX, the Adobe Creative SDK is making big strides, now powering some of the best creative applications on the market. Adding to that list is the Moleskine Creative Cloud connected app paired with the Moleskine Smart Notebook.

What do a notebook and cloud tech have in common? Creatives wanted a smarter notebook.  Moleskine makes the paper notebooks that artists favor and Adobe is at the center of their digital workflow, so joining the two promised a perfect match.  How we did this together is equally exciting – Moleskine leveraged Adobe’s Creative SDK to solve the problem elegantly – from perspective correction to the auto-generation of scalable vectors and a seamless integration with the desktop via Creative Cloud, it just works.


Traditionally, creatives scanned or photographed their one-of-a-kind work and hoped for the best with the fidelity; then, they moved that file into Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and arduously converted or over-painted their work – powerful but complex and unlike paper, not very portable. Now with the Moleskine collaboration, the combination of the the combination of the Creative Cloud connected Smart Notebook and the Moleskine Creative Cloud connected app solves the problem anywhere, anytime, with the touch of a button – magically and non-destructively.

You can see how it works here, or if you happen to be near San Francisco, you can try it yourself in the beautiful new Moleskine store.  In addition, the highly successful Moleskine Journal app now integrates with the Adobe’s Creative SDK – allowing users to easily save pages from their digital Moleskine Journal to the Adobe Cloud and import assets from the Creative Cloud to Moleskine Journal.

Moleskine is just one exciting example of how the Creative SDK is being used to solve unique problems across platforms. Components of the Creative SDK are also at the heart of Adobe’s own recent mobile offerings and companion applications.  Using the Creative SDK, developers can leverage Adobe’s rich, creative toolkit, cloud-connection and deep integration with Adobe’s desktop software.


This Moleskine integration reminds us that drawing is the first creative skill that we learn. Even before we begin to speak, we’re mashing crayons on paper and communicating visually.   Perhaps it’s this early exposure to paper-based media that keeps notebooks in the back-pockets and desktops of artists; even in a modern, digital workflow, most art and ideas still begin on paper.

Spark new creative ideas by joining us at our annual MAX the Creativity Conference October 3 – 7, in Los Angeles.  Moleskine will be celebrating its participation at MAX with a nice creative contest. Take part with #WatchPaperEvolve.  We can’t wait to see what you make next!

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