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January 11, 2014 /After Effects /

Happy New Year! ~ and a question…

First off – Happy New Year to all! 2013 was a fantastic year in the world of After Effects, and I’m stoked about what could be done in 2014. With that – I wanted to share a new years resolution of mine. My blog has been really ‘announcy’, which although not even a word – 2013 was really a lot of announcements coming from yours truly.

Therefore – my resolution is to return my portion of the After Effects blog to being about conversations. My favorite thing about this job is talking with folks who use what we create. I like to hear what we did right of course, but I LOVE to hear what we haven’t done or did wrong.

To that end, my comrade in arms Todd Kopriva recently distributed a blog post showing the top feature requests of 2013. It’s a pretty extensive list, and I am super proud about how much we could knock off that list throughout the year.

That being said, I want to look into 2014 and ask you, our customer, a hypothetical question…

What if we did NOTHING else in After Effects during 2014 other than make it faster? I mean MUCH faster. I mean much faster without a specific hardware requirement (new CPU, GPU, disk, machine, etc., etc.)?

To be frank, that’s not what’s in the works currently for 2014.  A lot of our developer resources are going to focus on performance, but also on workflow and creative capability. I am curious though what your reaction would be if we ditched the workflow and creative stuff for 2014, and put ALL of our resources on nothing but making After Effects killer fast.  Great!, good, bad, ugly?

Have fun in the comments – I look forward to hearing from you.


[Update – Jan 13 2014, 8pm PST – Wow! Thanks to everyone for your comments.  Myself and the team have been pouring over your feedback and will have an update shortly.  Until then – we have heard loud and clear that not just raw rendering performance is the desire, but interactive performance is king (600 creative decisions instead of 100 because you don’t have to wait for UI, frame update, etc etc).  Will continue the conversation in a new blog post. – S]


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